Atelier Resleriana Tier Listing for January 2024

Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night time Liberator, the most recent addition to the beloved Atelier sequence, opened pre-registration in Japan in August 2023 and went international in November 2023. On this JRPG, you embark on a brand new journey alongside Resna Sternenlicht, exploring the fascinating world of alchemy. The Atelier Resleriana Tier Listing gives essential particulars concerning the high characters to assist in assembling your lineup.

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Atelier Resleriana Tier Listing for January 2024: Finest Characters Ranked

We’ve categorized the characters into three teams: Robust (S), Good (A), and Common (B) to make it simpler so that you can perceive their potential.

Tier Character
Robust (S) Ryza, Corneria, Marie,
Resna, Firis
Good (A) Ayesha, Escha, Judie,
Rorona, Iksel, Odelia,
Raze, Keithgriff, Logy,
Marion, Oskar, Shallistera,
Totori, Lent, Meruru,
Monika, Mu, Ruven
Common (B) Linca, Esty, Tao,
Tess, Vayne, Viorate

This tier record is designed to help newcomers like your self in deciding on highly effective characters in your battles as you start your journey.

In our tier record, we all the time attempt to spotlight the most effective characters from the desk above. With a wide range of characters obtainable, you could have loads of choices to select from for battles, supplying you with a various choice. Every character has its particular qualities, giving gamers a wide selection of decisions.

When evaluating the characters, it finally comes down to private desire. The effectiveness of characters can range relying on particular person playstyles, so sure decisions could also be extra priceless to completely different gamers.

S-tier Character – Ryza

Ryza holds a high spot within the S-tier of our tier record for an excellent purpose. Her ability set is all about ramping up injury potential, making her a formidable pressure on the battlefield. With every assault, she good points a lift in burst ability injury, reaching a formidable 100% enhance. Plus, her post-attack bonus additional enhances sustained injury.

Picture through KOEI TECMO GAMES

Moreover, her passive ability ensures steady injury output by boosting ability injury after defeating enemies. This mix of burst and sustained injury, alongside along with her skill to repeatedly increase ability injury, makes Ryza a powerhouse in any battle state of affairs, able to dealing devastating blows persistently.

S-tier Character – Corneria

Corneria earns her place proudly within the S-tier for her excellent offensive capabilities and disruptive abilities. With every assault, she not solely good points a big increase in Break Harm for her subsequent motion but in addition imposes debuffs on her goal, weakening their defenses till they’ve been attacked a number of instances.

Atelier Resleriana Corneria
Picture through KOEI TECMO GAMES

Her passive ability additional boosts the Bodily Assault of all allies, enhancing the social gathering’s total injury output. Along with her skill to interrupt enemy defenses and bolster ally assaults, Corneria proves to be a formidable pressure in battles, making her a useful addition to any group. In brief, she’s a powerhouse who can deal heavy blows whereas weakening enemies, making certain victory for her allies.

S-tier Character – Marie

Marie rightfully earns her place within the S-tier due to her exceptional ability set, making her a formidable pressure in battles. After every assault, she inflicts a long-lasting Hearth Resistance debuff on the goal, showcasing her sustained debuffing skill. Her skill to achieve a substantial Break Harm increase for one motion after attacking makes her invaluable in breaking enemy defenses and dealing important injury.

Picture through KOEI TECMO GAMES

Marie’s passive ability enhances her Break capabilities with a lift to Break Harm on attribute benefit. This mix of constant debuffs, highly effective Break injury, and attribute benefit specialization solidifies Marie’s place as a top-tier alchemist within the S-tier, providing versatility and power in varied eventualities.

S-tier Character – Resna

Resna‘s rightful place within the S-tier is well-deserved, owing to her excellent ability set that prioritizes therapeutic and demanding enhancements. With every assault, she offers important therapeutic to all allies, making certain their sustained sturdiness all through battles. Furthermore, her skill to grant a big increase to vital possibilities for all the social gathering, alongside guaranteeing vital hits along with her distinctive ability, elevates the group’s offensive capabilities to new heights.

Atelier Resleriana Resna
Picture through KOEI TECMO GAMES

Moreover, her post-attack impact additional amplifies the social gathering’s offensive potential by enhancing vital injury for a number of actions. Complementing her lively abilities, Resna’s passive ability considerably augments her vital injury, solidifying her position as a critical-focused assist character.

S-tier Character – Firis

Firis rightfully earns her place within the S-tier along with her versatile ability set, which excels in each offense and management on the battlefield. With a notable injury increase on attribute benefit, she successfully exploits enemy weaknesses, making certain most affect in battles. Moreover, Firis showcases spectacular crowd management capabilities by delaying foes’ actions, offering priceless strategic benefits.

Atelier Resleriana Firis
Picture through KOEI TECMO GAMES

Her passive ability additional enhances the social gathering’s efficiency with a lift to Magic Assault, reinforcing her position as a priceless asset in any group composition. Firis’s adaptability to numerous eventualities, coupled along with her skill to ship each injury and management, solidifies her standing as a dependable and highly effective alchemist within the S-tier

Remaining Ideas

In abstract, the tier record for Atelier Resleriana gives a complete information for gamers to navigate the varied vary of characters obtainable within the sport. Every character’s placement within the tier record displays their distinctive strengths and skills, offering gamers with priceless insights to optimize their group composition and technique.

Whether or not it’s unleashing devastating injury, offering essential assist, or controlling the battlefield, the tier record helps gamers make knowledgeable choices to deal with varied challenges and emerge victorious of their journey via the world of alchemy.

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