Cell Legends Miya Information: Greatest Construct, Emblem and Gameplay Ideas

Miya is probably the most primary marksman character of Cell Legends. Not too long ago, she has received some love from the builders and her second ability received some adjustments. They’ve elevated the vary of the ability however elevated the ability delay. Miya is a comparatively simple hero to study and play, however she may be very highly effective in the proper palms. Her excessive assault pace and multi-shot capabilities permit her to shortly shred by means of enemy groups, particularly within the late recreation. That will help you grasp her simply we will likely be offering you with some simple methods and tricks to grasp her simply. If you’re searching for a marksman hero who is simple to study and play, however can be very highly effective within the late recreation, then Miya is a good alternative for you. On this information, we’ll check out one of the best emblem, spell, and construct, together with suggestions and methods to pave your strategy to victory with Miya in Cell Legends.

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Ability Evaluation

Miya is a hero with the frequent 4 abilities in her skillset of 1 passive and three actives. On this Miya information, let’s see what are her talents in Cell Legends, and when you should use which ability to get one of the best out of her.

Passive – Moon Blessing (Buff)

Every time Miya hits a goal together with her Primary Assault, she positive aspects 5% Assault Pace for 4 seconds. Stacks as much as 5 instances.
After reaching full stacks, Miya summons a Moonlight Shadow with every Primary Assault that offers 30 (+30% Whole Bodily Assault) Bodily Injury and inherits a portion [30%] of Assault Impact

Ability 1 – Moon Arrow (Buff, AoE)

Miya shoots two further arrows with every Primary Assault, dealing 10–35 (+100% Whole Bodily Assault) Bodily Injury to the goal enemy and 30% injury to close by targets. This impact lasts 4 seconds. Every further arrow inherits a portion [30%] of Assault Results.

Ability 2 – Arrow of Eclipse (CC, AoE)

Miya launches an empowered arrow on the goal space, dealing 90–240 (+45% Whole Bodily Assault) Bodily Injury to enemies inside and immobilizing them for 1.2 seconds. The arrow then splits into 8 scattering mincy arrows, every dealing 30–80 (+45% Whole Bodily Assault) Bodily Injury to the primary enemy hit and slowing them by 30% for two seconds.

Ability 3 – Hidden Moonlight (Conceal, Take away)

Miya removes all her debuffs on her and conceals herself, gaining 35%–65% further Motion Pace. This state lasts 2 seconds or till she launches an assault.
Miya positive aspects full stacks of Moon Blessing Moon Blessing upon leaving the state.

Ability-up Strategies for Miya

Improve your first ability at first of the sport as it should aid you to clear minion waves shortly. Gamers can then solely improve the second ability and Final each time potential.

Greatest Emblem Set and Spells for Miya in Cell Legends

Emblem Set

To successfully Miya within the Gold lane, we’ll information gamers to anticipated to make use of the Customized Marksman Emblem alongside whichever Expertise most closely fits such a participant’s gameplay in Cell Legends. Nonetheless, we now have introduced up a few of the greatest Emblem/Expertise Set-up that’s advisable for use for Miya.

Mobile Legends Miya Emblem Setup
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The Customized Marksman Emblem ever since its Revamp, gives gamers with entry to three totally different abilities. Therefore, for MiyaEmblem Set-up, the next setup is anticipated of gamers:

  • Within the First Expertise, we select Agility because it gives further assault Motion pace principally helpful for the Early recreation, Miya doesn’t have Blink or Sprint abilities so, the additional motion pace will assist her to outlive in the course of the early recreation.
  • Within the Second Tier Expertise, gamers can decide Discount Hunter for a discount within the worth of apparatus, therefore making it simpler to buy tools and begin dominating simply on the battlefield. As a substitute of this, gamers may additionally use the Pull Your self Collectively Expertise because it reduces the cooldown of battle spells and tools lively abilities by 15%, so spells like Encourage or tools like Wind of Nature would have a good decrease CD.
  • Within the Third Tier Expertise, gamers can decide Weak point Finder because it gives a excessive probability to cut back enemies’ motion and assault pace, making it very helpful towards excessive assault pace enemies. As a substitute of this, Gamers may decide Quantum Cost because it gives a motion pace enhance and Regen on dealing injury with Primary assaults inside a brief time period, this might additional improve Layla’s Regen from her primary assault.

Battle Spells

  • As a Marksman Hero with a excessive Burst Injury and Regen Potential, gamers are suggested to make use of Battle Spells like Encourage because it tremendously enhances the subsequent few Primary assaults whereas additionally offering further primary assault Regen while the spell lasts.
  • One other Spell that Gamers may use is Flicker because it permits Layla to reposition herself as she doesn’t have any sprint or blink ability, Flicker will assist her to outlive extra and make some outplays.

Greatest Builds for Miya in Cell Legends

Miya is a marksman who depends on quick assault pace to burst down enemies, so one of the vital suggested builds to make use of for her is the Assault Pace which consists of Windtalker, Berserker’s Furyand Haas’ Claws. We’ve got set out the next template in our information to check out with Miya on the Cell Legends battlefield.

Mobile Legends Miya Best Builds
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  • Swift Boots: Enhance motion pace, which is essential for Miya’s mobility.
  • Windtalker: Enhance assault pace and motion pace, which is important for Miya’s injury output.
  • Berserker’s Fury: Enhance crucial probability and bodily assault, which provides Miya the power to deal huge injury together with her crucial hits.
  • Nice Dragon Spear: Miya scales properly with a bodily assault, so the bonus bodily assault from Nice Dragon Spear will assist her to deal extra injury.  Miya can profit from crucial probability, because it permits her to deal huge injury together with her crucial hits. Its [passive additionally helps Miya to achieve further motion pace after utilizing her Final
  • Blade of Despair: Enhance bodily assault and significant injury, which additional will increase Miya’s burst injury.
  • Wind of Nature: Supplies immunity to primary assaults for two seconds, which generally is a lifesaver for Miya, as she is squishy.
  • Malefic Roar: Enhance bodily penetration, which permits Miya to deal extra injury to enemies with excessive bodily defence.
  • Haas’ Claws: Supplies lifesteal, which might help Miya maintain within the battle.
  • Rose Gold Meteor is an efficient merchandise for marksman heroes who must survive in workforce fights. For instance, Layla and Miya can profit from Rose Gold Meteor, as they’re squishy heroes who can simply be killed. If Miya’s HP drops under 30%, she is going to acquire a protect and motion pace enhance. This might help her to flee from hazard or reposition herself within the battle.
  • Immortality: Supplies a second life, which may be very helpful for Miya, as she will be able to keep within the battle longer and deal extra injury.

Cell Legends Miya Gameplay Ideas

Miya is among the strongest marksmen with excessive DPS within the late however. However to get one of the best out of her, it is rather essential to farm properly from the early recreation. Generally it turns into very laborious as a consequence of her ability set within the early recreation lack of mobility and decrease injury. Nonetheless, a participant should want a good understanding of the map to deliver one of the best out of any hero. In line with her gameplay, we are able to break it down into three phases. Our Cell Legends Pleasure information consists of the proper recreation plan for the early, mid, and late gameplay of Layla.

Early Sport

Within the Early Sport, it’s advisable to go to the Gold Lane as it could allow Miya to farm simply because of the further Gold gained there. While within the Gold lane, gamers can unlock the First Ability and use it to deal injury to enemies in a straight line. The First Ability tremendously helps in clearing minion waves. Her first ability can even give some further assault pace with a full stack of her passive. it should assist her harass her lane opponent.

Mobile Legends Miya Early game
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On unlocking her Second Ability, Gamers can use it to deal injury to enemies and Stun them. Keep in mind to not overextend or rotate with out imaginative and prescient. It will possibly get you killed simply. Gamers can carry out the next ability to achieve an higher hand on the battlefield:

Ability 2 + Ability 1 + Primary Assaults

Mid Sport

On farming properly and getting the primary equals Windtalker. Miya would be capable to deal excessive injury as her assault pace is kind of excessive due to the big assault pace buff supplied by the merchandiseMiya’s Final skill on being unlocked ought to be used primarily when your opponent has low HP, utilizing the Final she will likely be invisible and might get some kills simply with a shock assault. Additionally, do take into account to not go too deep into enemies’ territory/lanes/jungle as Layla would possibly simply nonetheless be a simple goal if rotating lanes with no assist/tank. You may carry out the next ability combos when you attain degree 4:

Mobile Legends Miya Mid game
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Ability 3+ Ability 2+ Ability 1 + Primary Assault

Late Sport

Miya shines principally on this stage of the sport since she has accomplished her core tools builds. Since workforce fights are quite common experiences on this stage of the sport, one ought to attempt to maximize this to Miya’s benefit as her excessive assault vary makes it simple to focus on enemies from afar whereas they’re busy attacking your teammates. Don’t additionally neglect to remember to at all times goal enemies’ predominant injury sellers first as they may simply need to lock on to you first whereas on the battlefield.

Mobile Legends Miya Late game
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Ability 3+ Ability 2+ Ability 1 + Primary Assault

Attempt to not cross by means of any bushes within the late recreation, as you’re the most precious injury supplier within the late recreation, enemies will attempt to take you down first. So make certain your Tank or Fighter has checked the bushes earlier than taking a battle.

Heroes that counter Miya Heroes Miya can counter
Saber Nana
Atlas Odette
Hayabusa Bruno
Clint Hanabi
Aamon Angela
Miya Counter Heroes

Closing Ideas

Miya is a ranged marksman hero in Cell Legends who is understood for her long-range primary assaults and excessive injury output. She is a comparatively simple hero to play, however she may be tough to grasp. Miya’s strengths embrace her lengthy vary, excessive injury output, and skill to clear minions shortly. She can be very efficient in workforce fights, as she will be able to deal quite a lot of injury to enemies from a protected distance. Nonetheless, Miya additionally has some weaknesses. She may be very squishy and has low mobility, making her susceptible to assassins and different cell heroes. She additionally has a comparatively lengthy cooldown on her abilities, which might make her susceptible within the early recreation. General, Miya is an efficient hero for gamers who’re searching for a marksman hero who is simple to play however can be very efficient within the late recreation. Nonetheless, gamers should be cautious about her weaknesses, similar to her low mobility and squishyness.

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That’s all for right this moment’s Cell Legends Miya Information. Do you favor to make use of Miya in every other manner? Tell us within the remark part under!

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