Cell Legends Patch 1.8.54 Replace: New hero Chip, Hero and Battlefield Changes and extra

With the break of the brand new 12 months in Cell Legends, builders at MOONTON Video games have as soon as once more introduced out a brand new tank hero, within the type of Chip. This hero comes within the Superior Server a month after the discharge of Cici within the Unique Server. The brand new tank hero, who resembles the determine of a fox, is a assist character who can create a number of portals. Additionally, the builders at MOONTON Video games have devised some extra hero steadiness and system changes. Allow us to break down extra in regards to the Cell Legends (MLBB) Patch 1.8.54 Replace.

New Hero: Chip

Picture through MOONTON Video games

Portal creations are his primary specialty as he and his allies can simply transfer by way of them, thus creating a brand new type of mobility. With this new portal creation means that Chip has, he positive appears to be a worthy assist/tank hero able to altering the tides of the battle. Allow us to try these skills intimately.


Passive: Snack Time

Chip begins consuming potato chips when out of fight, regenerating HP equal to 150 plus 15% after ending a complete bag (requires 5 bites). After consuming a bag of chips, Chip can’t eat once more for 5s.

Ability 1: Crash Course

CD: 5.5s (CC, AOE Ability)

Chip runs his hovercraft into the bottom, dealing Magic Harm equal to 220/250/280/310/340/370 plus 5% of the goal’s Max HP and making use of Chip’s Mark on enemy targets hit. Chip positive aspects a 300/400/500/600/700/800 (+60% Complete Magic Energy) Defend upon hitting an enemy hero, which will increase by 20% for every extra enemy hero hit.

Chip’s subsequent Primary Assault will grow to be ranged and in addition hit all close by enemies with Chip’s Mark, detonating the mark to deal 200/230/260/290/320/350 (+40% Complete Magic Energy) Magic Harm and stun every goal for 0.6s.

Ability 2: Extra time

CD: 15s (Pace-up)

Chip rushes ahead for 2s, gaining pace till he reaches 65% additional motion pace, after which he manifests the max pace for 2s. Chip’s subsequent Primary Assault will trigger him to cost on the enemy, dealing 200/220/240/260/280/300 (+30% Complete Magic Energy) Magic Harm and knocking them again barely.

Ability 3: Shortcut

CD: 60s (Teleport, CC)

Chip drops the Fundamental Portal on an enemy hero, dealing 200/250/300 (+60% Complete Magic Energy) Magic Harm and slowing them down by 30% for two.5s. In the meantime, he creates Connecting Portals close to allied heroes (excluding allies inside 8 models of Chip) and behind the allied Base. The Fundamental Portal and Connecting Portals last as long as 10s.

  • Connecting Portals: Heroes can teleport from Connecting Portals to the Fundamental Portal, or stand on the Fundamental Portal for a while to return to the Connecting Portals they got here from.
  • Fundamental Portal: Offers 600/750/900 (+180% Complete Magic Energy) Magic Harm to close by enemy targets after a delay and knocks them airborne for 0.8s. The Fundamental Portal inherits 80% of Chip’s HP.

Ability 4:  Why Stroll

Chip has 4 Beacons on the map, the place can stand on a Beacon to allow this talent after which use it to teleport to every other Beacon.

Cell Legends Patch 1.8.54 Replace: Hero Changes

Paquito (Buffed)

Paquito has been a preferred choose and does very properly in skilled competitors. Nonetheless, his efficiency has been missing in common Ranked matches.

By altering the width of Paquito’s Ability 2 and Final to be an identical to his Ability 1, devs hope that gamers will now land their abilities extra constantly with a greater hit fee.

Ability 2 (↑)

Vastly elevated talent width to be an identical to Ability 1.

Final (↑)

Barely elevated talent width to be an identical to Ability 1.

lxia (Buffed)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, Ixia Mobile Legends Game Guide Hero Cover
Picture through MOONTON GAMES

Devs hope to maintain Ixia’s total injury intact whereas enhancing her mobility.

Ability 1 (↑)

  • Cooldown: 8-4s >> 4s in any respect ranges
  • Base Harm: 175-300 >> 100-300

Edith (Buffed)

Edith can now deal extra injury.

Passive (↑)

Bonus Harm: 3-6% (based mostly on degree) Magic Harm Based mostly on Max HP >> 4-8% (based mostly on degree) Magic Harm Based mostly on Max HP

Minsitthar (Buffed)

Minsitthar is now extra highly effective within the Exp Lane.

Ability 1 (↑)

  • First Harm: 175-300 + 180% Further Bodily Assault >> 175-300 + 200% Further Bodily Assault
  • Second Harm: 175-300 + 180% Further Bodily Assault >> 175-300 + 200% Further Bodily Assault

Ability 2 (↑)

Harm: 300-500 + 160% Further Bodily Assault >> 300-500 + 180% Further Bodily Assault

Hayabusa (Nerfed)

hayabusa guide, ml tips
Picture through MOONTON Video games

Devs didn’t count on Hayabusa to deal a lot injury, and so long as he has Tools Benefit, he can defeat some enemy heroes immediately with out stacking his passive.

Final (↓)

Harm: 130-150 + 100% Further Bodily Assault >> 100-140 + 70% Further Bodily Assault

Karrie (Nerfed)

Devs observed that Karrie was dealing loads of injury even in a defensive construct. A tanky, high-damage Marksman limits the opponent’s means to counter. So, the devs have lowered the bottom injury on her passive, so she now has to have a extra offensive construct to get the identical injury output.

Passive (↓)

6%-8% of the goal’s Max HP >> 6% (+1% of Further Bodily Assault) of the goal’s Max HP

Jawhead (Adjusted)

Builders assume our changes to Jawhead didn’t have the specified impact. So they’re reverting among the changes, and maintaining the adjustment to his final knockback.

Cell Legends Patch 1.8.54 Replace: Battlefield and System Changes

Battlefield Changes

Scavenger crabs have only a few drops, that are troublesome to collect. Devs have made the next changes to enhance this case.

Scavenger Crabs

  • The entire worth of Scavenger Crabs drops now will increase over time.
  • Decreased the variety of Scavenger Crabs drops from 3 to 2. The worth of every drop will increase, however the complete worth stays the identical.
  • After the Lord is spawned, Scavenger Crabs will not respawn.

Tools Changes

Glowing Wand (↓)

Decrease the value. With the modifications to [Radiant Armor], the ultimate Magic Harm improve impact has been eliminated to stop heroes with multi-hit Magic Harm from dealing extreme injury.

Distinctive Passive – Scorch (↓)

  • Impact eliminated: Ultimate Magic Harm improve.
  • Worth: 2200 >> 1950


  • Adjusted some heroes’ lane assignments and Battle Setups in order that the default Battle Setup is now lane-appropriate.
  • Modified in-match potion suggestion situations. Potions will now solely be really helpful if the participant has extra gold than most of their completed tools. Decreased the possibility of unintentional choice.
  • Sure management results underneath 0.2 seconds will not show a disabled talent icon. Expertise used throughout a management impact might be recorded and routinely used when the management impact ends.
  • Adjusted the really helpful builds for Aurora.

System Changes

Layla’s Workshop: Optimized loading of feedback. The “new” remark part is closed when the phase ends.

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