Cellular Legends Patch 1.8.60 Replace: Hero Changes, New occasions and extra

With the most recent Patch on Superior Server, builders have labored on the brand new Transfer and Assault management expertise modifications, which is able to now really feel smoother in Cellular Legends. Many heroes specialising in Fundamental Assaults have elevated their injury, requiring nerfs for stability. Builders at MOONTON Video games wish to improve Marksmen’s Fundamental Assault injury within the early recreation whereas nerfing their HP in MLBB’s early recreation to take care of stability. Allow us to break down the Patch 1.8.60 Replace in Cellular Legends intimately.

Cellular Legends Patch 1.8.60 Replace: Hero Changes

Masha (~)

Experimental Changes

The earlier changes didn’t meet our expectations, and devs are nonetheless making an attempt to make Masha the one who leads the cost and fights bravely in a crowd. Whereas she had excessive injury, she couldn’t get a lot out of defence gear, making her very weak when she was strongest on her final HP bar. On this patch, Masha will improve herself every time she loses an HP bar and reset her Final so she will be able to spam expertise in MLBB. Devs have additionally optimized her Vitality Regen to offer her higher management over her HP.


When Masha solely has two HP bars left, the period of management results on her will probably be lowered by 50% and expertise will solely require half of their authentic HP Value to solid. When Masha solely has one HP bar left, she turns into immune to regulate results and doesn’t have to spend HP to solid expertise.

Ability 1

Passive: Masha features Energy of the Wild which causes her Fundamental Assaults to deal further Bodily Injury equal to a proportion of the enemy’s Max HP.

Energetic: Masha spends some HP to extend her Motion and Assault Pace, improve the following two Fundamental Assaults, improve the additional injury from Energy of the Wild, and achieve further Vitality.

Ability 2

Masha spends some HP to roar at enemies, coping with Bodily Injury and decreasing their Assault Pace.


Masha spends some HP to lunge at an enemy hero (immune to regulate results in the course of the lunge), dealing Bodily Injury, slowing them, and knocking again close by enemies. The cooldown of this ability will probably be reset every time Masha loses an HP bar.

Particular Ability (↑)

Masha features Vitality when dealing injury and might accumulate as much as 100. She features a large amount of Vitality when hitting along with her Ability 1. After leaving fight for 3s, Masha can spend 50 Vitality to get well a full HP bar.

Chip (~)

Picture through MOONTON Video games

Improved a few of his gameplay expertise.

Ability 1 (↑)

Enhanced Fundamental Assault Vary: 3.5 >> 4.5

Final (~)

Minimal distance between Chip and Connecting Portals close to allies: 8 models >> 10 models

Particular Ability (↓)

This ability can solely be used when not in fight.

Revamped Helcurt (~)

Builders have discovered that Helcurt‘s burst injury was fairly low, whereas his expertise recharge shortly when he’s out of enemy sight. This has made it too tough for him to kill enemies in even conditions, however too simple for him to shortly farm enemies as soon as the staff has gained an financial benefit. Due to this fact, devs intend to resolve this drawback by rising his burst injury and slowing the speed at which his expertise recharge.

Passive (↓)

HP Regen in Stealth: Eliminated 20 Base HP Regen

Ability 1 (~)

  • Injury: 75-150 +35% Whole Bodily Assault >> 150-300 +70% Whole Bodily Assault
  • Cooldown lower pace in Stealth: 4 >> 3 occasions

Not terrifies Creeps

Ability 2 (~)

  • Injury Bonus: 40% Further Bodily Assault >> 50% Further Bodily Assault
  • Cost pace in Stealth: 1 stack per 1 second >> 1 stack per 1.5 seconds

Aurora (↓)

Aurora can use her Hailstone Blast at a really excessive frequency with Max degree and CD discount, which permits her to spam this ability for little or no value.

Ability 1 (↓)

Cooldown: 6-4s >> 5.5s

Hayabusa (↑)

In comparison with different junglers, Hayabusa appears weak in early-game fight and jungling.

Ability 1 (↑)

Base Injury: 150-250 >> 180-250

Edith (~)

Edith Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.42 Update postponed
Picture through MOONTON Video games

Devs have mounted the difficulty the place Edith‘s Passive “Injury to Minions elevated to 300%” didn’t work. Within the final patch, devs have enormously elevated her Passive’s injury, so the injury bonus to Minions has been modified accordingly.

Passive (~)

Injury on Minions elevated to 200% (a buff throughout laning)

Guinevere (↓)

Including Stun to Guinevere’s Ability 2 has benefited Guinevere gamers’ management expertise, however as a Fighter, she is now too highly effective towards enemy back-row heroes.

Ability 2 (↓)

Solid Vary: 6 >> 5

Silvanna (↑)

Based mostly on the earlier modifications to Silvanna, devs have eliminated the function of her Final locking on enemy heroes, which permits her to make use of her Final with no goal whereas additionally permitting enemies to dodge her Final; devs have saved the change to Ability 1 and enhanced Ability 2.

Ability 1 (~)

Ability Revamp: It now has just one stage the place she dashes within the goal course, dealing injury to close by enemies and beautiful them. The sprint distance is lowered.

Cooldown: 12-9s >> 7s

Ability 2 (↑)

  • Base Protect: 250-400 >> 350-500
  • Cooldown: 9-7s, upon ability casting >> 7-5s, after the ability ends

Miya (↑)

Elevated Ability 2 hit charge and early recreation injury.

Attributes (↑)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 100 >> 120
  • Bodily Assault Development: 14 >> 12
  • Base HP: 2524 >> 2225
  • HP Development: 138.5 >> 153

Ability 2 (↑)

Base Injury: 90-240 >> 180-330

This barely reduces the delay time.

Layla (↑)

mobile legends easiest heroes
Layla in Cellular Legends (Picture by Montoon Video games)

On account of her Passive, Layla can solely deal quite a lot of injury to enemies from a distance, however her lack of mobility makes it tough for her to get away from enemies. So builders will decrease the injury bonus and improve her assault as an alternative.

Attributes (↑)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 125 >> 130
  • Bodily Assault Development: 7.5 >> 10
  • Base HP: 2500 >> 2250
  • HP Development: 133.5 >> 152

Passive (↓)

Max Injury Enhance: 130% >> 115%

Bruno (↓)

Attributes (↓)

  • Base HP: 2522 >> 2270
  • HP Development: 142.5 >> 160

Clint (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 115 >> 127
  • Bodily Assault Development: 14.5 >> 13.5
  • Base HP: 2530 >> 2285
  • HP Development: 152.8 >> 170

Karrie (↓)

Attributes (↓)

  • Base HP: 2578 >> 2278
  • HP Development: 155.5 >> 165

Irithel (↑)

Attributes (↑)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 118 >> 130
  • Bodily Assault Development: 8.5 >> 10
  • Base HP: 2540 >> 2300
  • HP Development: 142.7 >> 160

Lesley (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 140 >> 145
  • Base HP: 2490 >> 2280
  • HP Development: 125.5 >> 140

Hanabi (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 105 >> 119
  • Bodily Assault Development: 10 >> 9
  • Base HP: 2510 >> 2260
  • HP Development: 110.5 >> 128

Claude (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 97 >> 100
  • Base HP: 2370 >> 2250
  • HP Development: 127.5 >> 133

Granger (↑)

Attributes (↑)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 100 >> 120
  • Base HP: 2450 >> 2260
  • HP Development: 133.5 >> 146

Wanwan (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 95 >> 110
  • Bodily Assault Development: 10.5 >> 9
  • Base HP: 2540 >> 2300
  • HP Development: 133.5 >> 150

Popol and Kupa (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 95 >> 100
  • Base HP: 2425 >>2300

Brody (↓)

Attributes (↓)

  • Base HP: 2490 >> 2290
  • HP Development: 150.5 >> 165

Beatrix (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 102 >> 110
  • Bodily Assault Development: 10 >> 9.5
  • Base HP: 2550 >> 2280
  • HP Development: 153.5 >> 170

Natan (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Base Bodily Assault: 115 >> 120
  • Bodily Assault Development: 11.8 >> 11
  • Base HP: 2530 >> 2285
  • HP Development: 142.4 >> 160

Melissa (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Bodily Assault Development: 6.6 >> 7
  • Base HP: 2460 >> 2288
  • HP Development: 148 >> 160

Ixia (~)

Attributes (~)

  • Bodily Assault Development: 7.5 >> 8.5
  • Base HP: 2620 >> 2320
  • HP Development: 148.5 >> 170

Cellular Legends Patch 1.8.60 Replace: Battlefield Changes

Assault Pace of heroes

In keeping with the enhancements to the Transfer and Assault management expertise, devs have lowered the bottom Assault Pace by 10% for all heroes apart from Irithel, Brody, Kimmy, Wanwan, and Leomord. These are the heroes who don’t profit from the enhancements, that are made as part of the Patch 1.8.60 Replace. In the meantime, builders may even decrease the Assault Pace of sure Assault Pace Gear.

Gear Changes

Concentrated Vitality (↑)

Devs hope that Magic Fighters who rely partially on Fundamental Assault injury may even profit from this gear.

Attributes (↑)

20% Spell Vamp >> 20% Hybrid Lifesteal

Max HP: 700 >> 300

Oracle (~)

Devs hope to make these gear stats extra common.

Attributes (~)

Magic Protection: 42 >> 25

Added 25 Bodily Protection have additionally modified the construct path.

Radiant Armor (~)

Modified the construct path

Cellular Legends Patch 1.8.60 Replace: New Occasions

ALLSTAR Occasion

Gamers can take part within the ALLSTAR occasions upfront beginning on the ninth Feb! One can test the obtainable time for every occasion on the ALLSTAR web page and enter these occasions utilizing the shortcuts!

Mobile Legends MLBB ALLSTAR Event 2024
Picture through MOONTON Video games
  • Through the ALLSTAR occasions, you may alternate any unclaimed ALLSTAR rewards within the ALLSTAR Store without spending a dime!
  • From 1st Feb to twenty eighth Feb, take part within the Random Elite Pores and skin Chest occasion to obtain a random Elite Pores and skin Chest without spending a dime!
  • From ninth Feb to 18th Feb, take part within the ALLSTAR SPARKLE Assist occasion to obtain free SPARKLE Glow Sticks that may be exchanged for brand new Spawn Results and Hero Choice Chest within the ALLSTAR Store!
  • From ninth Feb to twenty second Feb, take part within the TEAM UP, ENJOY THE BEATS! occasion to say the all-new pores and skin and its painted pores and skin, Avatar Border, and extra!
  • From ninth Feb to twenty ninth Feb, take part within the ALLSTAR Final Encore occasion to say a everlasting restricted version pores and skin of your selection!
  • From ninth Feb to third March, take part within the ALLSTAR Login Items occasion and log in to say SPARKLE Glow Sticks, Infernal Wyrmlord Token, and extra!
  • From ninth Feb to twenty eighth Feb, take part within the Star Recollections and take a look at your Spirit Animal!
  • From ninth Feb to twenty seventh Feb, get pleasure from these Battle Privileges in ALLSTAR Rave: All Heroes Free Trial, Crew Star Safety, and Crew Triple Star-Elevating Factors!


  • The Pre-launch section period has began from server time 2nd Feb until 4th Feb.
  • Gamers can then log in to say the each day rewards of the SPARKLE Melissa occasion from server time fifth Feb to twenty ninth Feb. Buy the SPARKLE Melissa Traditional Album to unlock rewards and the SPARKLE Melissa Deluxe Album to unlock all rewards.
  • Through the occasion, after buying the SPARKLE Melissa Album, you may spend diamonds to unlock corresponding rewards upfront.
  • As soon as they’ve bought a SPARKLE Melissa album, you should buy her different albums as presents to your pals.

Every buy of a SPARKLE Melissa Traditional Album provides them 100 factors, and every buy of a Deluxe Album provides you 200 factors. Upgrading from Traditional to Deluxe by paying the value distinction will give them 100 factors plus an additional 100 factors! Through the occasion, the Leaderboard will probably be decided based mostly on the particular factors gathered by all gamers. The Leaderboard will probably be settled later and showcased from twenty ninth Feb.

Infernal Wyrmlord Draw Occasion

  • The Infernal Wyrmlord Draw occasion will probably be obtainable from 2/9 to 2/29 (server time) with the brand new ALLSTAR Unique Pores and skin Moskov “Infernal Wyrmlord” and its unique ID Tag!
  • Gamers will obtain the unique ID Tag once they draw, alternate, or obtain the Moskov “Infernal Wyrmlord” pores and skin.
  • The Premium Provide occasion will run from seventeenth Feb until twenty seventh Feb 2024. They will log in to say a Token without spending a dime and full duties to get further ones!

Shining Star Draw Occasion

  • The Shining Star Draw occasion will probably be obtainable from ninth Feb until twenty ninth Feb. Hanabi “Moonlit Ninja” is assured inside 200 attracts!
  • The Premium Provide occasion will run from 2/17 to 2/20 server time. Log in to say a Token without spending a dime and full duties to get further ones!

Mega Draw

Beginning on tenth Feb, gamers should purchase Mega Draw Packs to obtain Dragon Seal Want Tokens and a Fortunate Quantity from them, supplying you with an opportunity to win as much as 50,000 Diamonds. The extra fortunate numbers you’ve gotten, the extra possibilities you must win!

Day by day Recharge Rebate

Beginning on tenth Feb, full Day by day Recharge Duties to obtain a Dragon Seal Want Token for the primary 3 days, and full Recharge Duties on days 5 and eight to obtain the Unique Emote “Like I Care” and two Dragon Seal Want Tokens.

That’s all for the Cellular Legends Patch 1.8.60 Replace!

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