Conflict Mini October 2023 Replace: Stability Adjustments, Textual content Adjustments, and extra

Conflict MiniSupercell’s technique board recreation set within the Conflict Universe is as soon as once more introducing some fascinating steadiness adjustments this month. Alongside the steadiness adjustments, we do see some mechanics and textual content fixes, which we’ll focus on on this Conflict Mini October 2023 Replace article.

Conflict Mini October 2023 Stability Adjustments


Picture by way of Supercell

Barbarian King

He obtained a current buff in September making him overpowered, so a bit adjustment.

  • Tremendous modified from 2x ATK DMG to +2 ATK DMG.


  • Eliminated Backstab as a mechanic.
  • Base ATK DMG: 3 → 2.
  • Base HP: 16 → 13.
  • Capability 1 modified to Anti Heal (decreasing the heal blocking from -100% to -66%).
  • Capability 2 modified from Backstab to +1 injury to Injured enemies.
    • Improve 1-3: +1 DMG every for +4 DMG at max.

Protect Maiden

This can be a simplified model of Protect Maiden’s package that removes Efficient Heal as a mechanic.

  • Capability 1: Taunt impact now hits Close by enemies, protect displays 50% of harm (down from 100%).
  • Capability 2: Applies Burning debuff (1 injury per second) to a 3×4 space for 4 seconds.
    • Improve 1-3: +2s Length every degree.
  • Capability 3: Modified to KO! Earlier than defeat, acquire 20 Protect and max Vitality.
    • Upgrades 1-3: +10 Protect per degree.

Skeleton King

  • Tremendous: Spawns 2 Skeleton Guards (15 HP, 1 ATK DMG).
  • Tremendous’s push time and Stun time on the base degree are each set to 0.5s.
  • Stun faraway from the outline because the enemy Mini is not going to be Shocked longer than the push time.
  • Improve 2 nonetheless provides +1s to the Stun.

Wave Grasp

Switched to a Rage-style impact.

  • Gradual: -30% → -35%.
  • 2nd Capability: Base Gradual period elevated from 2s to 3s.
  • 2nd Capability: Gradual period improve elevated from 1s to 2s.
  • third Capability:
    • Improve 1 grants ally 5 Protect.
    • Improve 2 grants ally 10 Protect.
    • Improve 3 grants ally +35% ATK and RUN SPD for 7s.


Clash Mini Minis
Picture by way of Supercell


  • ATK SPD per Star: 0.15 → 0.1.
  • Improve 2: 2x ATK DMG modified to 2x ATK SPD (nonetheless 5s).
  • Improve 3: modified to +0.3 ATK SPD (previous max: 1.05, new max 1.2).


A little bit of a buff to the Bandit.

  • Base ATK SPD: 0.8 → 0.85.
  • Improve X: Modified Gradual (3s) to Stun (1s).


  • Base HP: 15 → 11.
  • HP per star: 8 →  11.


  • Base HP: 18 → 20.
  • Improve 3: Modified +60% Hit Pace to six Protect per enemy hit.

Ice Wizard

  • Gradual elevated to 35% on the base degree.
  • Vary: 4 tiles → 3 tiles.
  • Improve 1 modified: Enemies have -1 ATK DMG whereas Slowed.


  • Taunts quicker initially of battle.
  • Improve 3: Taunt period bonus elevated from +2s to +4s (6s whole).


  • HP per Star: 6 → 4.
  • Improve 1 modified to “BOAST! Acquire 2x ATK & RUN SPD (4s)”.


  • Improve 2 modified to “+2 DMG to Wholesome enemies” (Wholesome = higher than 50% HP).


  • Beginning Vitality: 1 → 0.
  • Base Tremendous loses Stun.
  • Base Tremendous masses/fires quicker (1.2s -> 0.5s).
  • Improve 1 elevated Stun bonus from 1.5s to 2s.
  • Improve 3 modified from -1 Vitality to CLASH: Acquire 4 Vitality over 2s.


  • Improve 3: Bonus ATK Injury lowered from 4 to three.

Royal Ghost

  • CLASH grants Invisible for 6s (up from 2.5s).
  • CLASH solely impacts Royal Ghost, not adjoining allies.
  • Base HP: 12 → 16.
  • HP per Star: 8 → 9.

Further Adjustments

Texts and Bugfixes

There have been some Texts and Bugfixes up to date as given under.

  • Bandit will get a Change Tremendous title to Devious Sprint.
  • Knight will get a Change Improve textual content to six extra tiles, not 3. Together with this, his Taunt period now will increase with third improve.
  • Grand Warden will get a Textual content modified to Surrounding not Adjoining.
  • Protect Maiden will get a Tremendous’s taunt clarified to Close by enemies.
  • Fisherman’s Hook indicator needs to be on the precise tile now.
  • Valkyrie/Dart Goblin now offers 4x injury to Ice Wizard Protect.
  • Bowler and Big Skeleton incorrectly said they Shocked for 2s every, it was at all times 1s. Texts have been up to date, however it isn’t a nerf.

Attribute and Mechanic Adjustments


  • All therapeutic debuffs (Countess, Valkyrie, Spear Goblin, Dagger Goblin, and Wizard) cut back therapeutic by 66% and have been modified from “-X% Heal” to easily “offers Anti-Heal”

Wholesome / Injured

  • RAMPAGE! (which occurs while you go underneath 50% HP) is renamed to INJURY!
  • Bandit and Magic Archer’s Execute has been reworded to “+2 DMG to Injured enemies”
    • Countess good points +DMG to Injured enemies as a substitute of Backstab.
    • This takes 2 separate key phrases and makes them 1 simpler to grasp shared time period
  • New time period: Wholesome enemies – deal bonus injury to enemies OVER 50% HP


  • Backstab is being eliminated as a mechanic, for a number of causes given by the builders.
    • It’s visually unclear which tiles are lively for Backstab.
    • Backstab tiles change when the Minis retarget or reposition.
    • You wouldn’t have micro-control over your Minis.
  • General, Backstab works nice in video games the place you management your positioning, however in all probability not the perfect for auto battles. Within the curiosity of fewer mechanics and higher readability, each Countess and Miner are shedding Backstab in favor of different mechanics.

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