FC Cell 24 TOTY (Group of the 12 months) Information

The yearly celebration of the most effective ballers across the globe is as soon as once more across the horizon in EA Sports activitiesFC Mobile. FC Mobile 24 TOTY alias the FC Mobile Team of the Year is live! Every year EA celebrates the top performers of the previous calendar year by paying homage to them in the form of the Team of the Year event. One of the most rewarding and much-anticipated events is here so sit back, relax, and enjoy the grandiose event ahead.

It’s what we all have been waiting for, Welcome to Team of the Year! One of the season’s most prestigious and exciting events is here. Team of the Year features the best footballers of The World’s Game, as chosen by the fans. 

FC Mobile 24 TOTY (Team of the Year) Event Description

Event Duration:  January 25th – February 29th (35 Days)

FC Mobile 24 TOTY Event Flow


Starting with the TOTY event, the main page is not really a functional tab for the event. It’s just a tab showing all the players, more like the Gallery tab that we have seen in past events. Currently, it shows the first part of the Nominees, with further Nominees and UTOTY, ie the Ultimates released in future weeks.

The TOTY Main Chapter helps you navigate the Event and shows when new Players are released. You can also check out the Gallery to find all released TOTY Players and click on them to review their stats. All in all, TOTY promises to be a jam-packed event with content.

Nominee Paths A/B/C

This is a surprise in this event, not the main tab but the Nominee Paths is the main bulk of the event. This is where you will be coming every day and playing a series of three Skill Games and three Matches Daily to earn TOTY Challenge Progress every day. Each week a new path will unlock with Path A unlocked first currently, with Nominee Path B and Path C coming next. These are the TOTY Nominees.

These TOTY Challenge Progress points count towards TOTY Tickets with a total sum of 100 Challenge Progress points needed to unlock 100 TOTY Tickets. There are two additional Ads as well that you can watch daily to get 5 TOTY Tickets each, and with those 10 Tickets from the ads take your total ticket count to 110 TOTY Tickets.

These Skill Games resets on an 8-hour schedule and you can play them 20 times each! But here is the catch, you only have to do one each of all six and you are all set and done towards your 100 TOTY Tickets. Once you claim your Tickets, even if you play the skill games and matches, there’s no point in repeating it or refreshing it, it does not count towards your next day’s progress at all! It’s just practice and that too makes no sense!

The Nominee Chapters is where you’ll find your main grind. In these Chapters, you’ll play Skill Games and Matches to earn currencies that will help you progress through the Reward Paths. Earn 100 Challenge Points daily and convert them into 100 TOTY Tokens, which are used in the Reward Path to claim rewards. During the weekend, the rewards are doubled, including the TOTY Tickets which become 200 on weekends.

Nominee Reward Paths A/B/C

The Reward Path located on the right-hand side of the Nominee Paths is where you will spend your 100 TOTY Tickets daily. There is a path with a straight line with sub-paths which you can choose to break off and do for extra TOTY Players.

As usual, all the players you get from the sub-path lie in the range of 80-89 OVRs and they are all untradeable! If you come through the straight path, you will come across a choice of untradeable 92 OVR, untradeable 91 OVR, or a chance at tradeable 89-92 OVR. That is what you going to be doing. Logging in each day and auto-play through some PvE matches to get your daily set of TOTY Tickets.

UTOTY (Ultimate Team of the Year)

In this Ultimate TOTY tab, you can see the whole team from the Ultimate TOTY along with some Nominee Achievements Quests. There is Nominee Achievements A unlocked at the moment with B and C coming in the following weeks. These Quests add towards untradeable 94 OVR UTOTY Alisson Becker or 94 OVR RB Jeremie Frimpong or a tradeable 92-97 OVR TOTY Player.

If you look at the Quests, you will need to do 30 nodes on the Nominee Path A, so if you think you skip the side-paths and just go on the straight path, you will complete only 22 nodes, so you will have to come back to the side-paths to finish off the Quest to claim an Ultimate TOTY at the end of the event! The side paths are in the end, not choices at all but mandatory now!

The UTOTY Chapter contains three Nominee Achievements that unlock weekly. Each has its own set of challenges and rewards for you to complete. Complete all 3 Nominee Achievements to claim 1 of 3 high-end rewards, including UTOTY Players! Remember if you are playing this event, all you do is not a choice no matter how the event portrays it for you.

Icon Evolutions

There is a new part introduced in this event ie the Icon Evolutions consisting of three Icons. This is like a four-week rehash of the Zidane event that is running currently. Welcome to Icon Evolutions! Select one of three Icons and win matches in the Gameplay Arena to unlock their higher OVR evolution Exchange.

  • 93 LW Rivaldo
  • 93 CB Fabio Cannavaro
  • 93 CM Frank Lampard

You will start with an 85 OVR Icon, which you will gradually exchange into an 87, 90, and then 93 OVR. It will require you 40 wins in total to do that and claim the final 93 OVR, no matter which type of match you play ie PvE, VSA, or H2H. Each day you will receive three tickets to play through your choice of match throughout the event.

You can claim a total of 15 wins per week from your tickets towards the 40, so as long as you are winning in 10 of your 15, you will get your Icon in four weeks with three weeks ideally. You can just go with the AI match and make things easy for yourself or go with the VSA or H2H where the only real advantage is that they also give out more Trophies that can be exchanged towards further TOTY Player Packs.

Begin your evolution journey by claiming your daily Free Energy in the Gameplay Arena. Use your Energy to play either PvE, VSA, or H2H matches. Each match type rewards you with a different amount of Trophies per win or draw. For each win, you’ll gain progress towards your next Icon Evolution Exchange. In the Trophies Exchange, you’ll use your Trophies to exchange them for rewards.

Challenge Mode

Well since this is not a mini-event, there will be a Challenge Mode as well! There will be both Daily and Weekend-special Challenge modes that hand out Players, Gems, and Coins. Since there are no H2H or Division Rivals matches involved, therefore it should be fairly easy to win. Don’t forget to check out the Weekend Challenge where you can earn up to 88-97 OVR Players!

Star Pass

Of course, the Star Pass is running simultaneously with the event. There are in-game resources present in the Star Pass. Complete Quests throughout the event to earn Star Pass progress, which includes rewards such as Coins, Gems, FC Points, and other Cosmetic Items including Emotes and Kits

Don’t forget to check out the newest TOTY-themed Star Pass that is available at launch, including a 94 OVR CM Kevin De Bruyne. So don’t forget your daily quests to progress through the Star Pass! Earning Star Pass Credits will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. There are two tiers to the Star Pass: free and premium. You can also use FC Points to move faster through Star Pass levels and collect rewards faster.

FC Mobile 24 TOTY Event Currencies

TOTY Challenge Progress

  • Earn them by completing Skill Games and PvE Matches from the Nominee Paths tab
  • Spend them towards TOTY Tickets in the Nominee Paths tab once you reach 100 TOTY Challenge Progress Points
  • Earn them by completing Quests, watching Ads, and getting TOTY Challenge Progress Points from the Nominee Paths tab
  • Spend them in the Nominee Paths toward TOTY Players

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Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this FC Mobile 24 TOTY Event Guide useful.

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