Gacha Membership Character Tier Record for February 2024

Gacha Membership is a tremendous informal simulation recreation the place the varied customisations take centre stage. The sport is a creation by the builders, Lunime. The sport piles up an unique assortment of chibi characters you’ll be able to embrace in your get together. It affords 5 primary character models, 2 legendary models, and the last word shadow unit. The basic essence of every unit stays intact together with their major attributes and particular person abilities. Thus, comply with up on our Gacha Membership Character Tier Record to decide on the top-tier characters in your battles that I’ve made after taking part in the sport for numerous hours.

Gacha Membership Character Tier Record for February 2024

I’ve divided the chibi characters in Gacha Membership into 4 main tiers: S, A, B, and C.

Tier Water Wind Hearth Mild Darkish Corrupted DJ Shadow
Sturdy (S) Angel Emiko, Charlotte Mei, TeaCaku, Zack6XZ, Lyte, Cykopath, Mizumi, Saiki Cedar, Midori, Ohige Alien, Spring, Jin Nguyen, Meloa & Lenoa, Clover Lammia Sparkles, Lilli, Muu, Matt, Kou Mariposa, Mae, Aiai, Tia, POP STAR, Goddess, Kat Carla, Shizu, Cherica, Max, Lilith, 000 Corrupted Male Cry, Sickmeter, Corrupted Cry, Corrupted Male Buns, Usalina DJ Kat, DJ Nekommu, DJ Alvee, DJ Asif, DJ Leak  Shadow Merupo, Shadow Meguna
Good (A) Lado, Luni, Cyn, Sye, Felix, Orion, Lexia, Snowmallow, Reef Silvia, Lemo, Ramunade, Mofumofu, Remmy, Kiwi, Manami Lin, Sylphid, Oliver, Seer Lance Yuni, Satsuma, Lucifer, Radd, Carma,  Rein, Cleonya, Caramel, Kaede, Minty, Michael, Picc & Pawket, Hoang Zhao Ngoc, Mort, Roger, Mily, Moka, Vivvie, Apple Pierte, Wei, Yang, Renegade, TabTab Corrupted Buns, Corrupted Daisy, Corrupted Radd, Cor. Luni, Cor. Bex, Cor. TeaCaku, Cor. Kiwi, Cor. Fierin  DJ Buns, DJ Male Buns, DJ Luni, DJ Cry, DJ Ramunade, DJ Kiwi, DJ Fierin, DJ Manami Lin Shadow Phantom, Shadow Vinyl, Lander Blazer
Common (B) Blueberry Pielot, Glamm, Dreamy, Chris, Sebastian, Fade, 1V AND 1V, Mash, Nekomuu,  Patkun, Catgirl, Sammy, Layne, Iris, Kazekura, Prima-toil, Clara, Thomas Cat Rinrin, Vivi, Commander Fierin, Ichi, Hotaru, Lulu, Rose, Djole Ota & Ris, Senpaibuns, Male Buns, Roro, Crydiaa, Collin, Daisy Baka, Nia Bex, Mark, Meromero, KuroKuro, Claudia, Robin, Zyphon Haint Cor. Manami Lin, Vileblood Ryan, Cor. Lilli, Cor. Ichi, Cor. Kurakaze, Cor. Emiko, Cor. Carma DJ Lado, DJ Bex, DJ Radd, DJ Lilli, DJ Daisy, DJ Carma, DJ Ngoc, DJ Atom Shadow Yuni & Lemo, Shadow Luni
Truthful (C) Dana, Fuyumi, Moemura, Rennin, Evylin, Wolfychu, Kinen, Stifle, Zebulon Nakashima Yuki, Romeo, Keito, Kyon, Jae, Aspasdinidies Angelica, Wiki, Poppy, Yuna, 1tz_Kal3m, Ziel, Leon, FlashyKlau, Esfirasya, Elaine Alvas, Nyahal taja, Meiko, Hatsya, Mumble, Momo, Yumi Penelope, Lonely, Alky, Aria, Hatsumi, Nemu, Kiyomi Dictator Hatsya, Chaotic OwO, Cor. Momo, m o, Cor. Klau, Cor. Ngoc, Cor. Kat DJ Ichi, DJ Jin, DJ Mort, DJ Ryan, DJ Jae, DJ Hats, DJ Evylin, DJ Klau Shadow Neon, Shadow Lith

Water Class Character – Angel Emiko

In relation to the Water class, I strongly advocate together with Angel Emiko in your get together. Her base Well being i.e. HP is fairly excessive being 8250. The ATK and DEF scores are 916 and 25% of ATK respectively.

Picture through Lunime

Thus, it makes her an awesome alternative for boss fights. Her energetic ability boosts the MP for her staff. The passive means of Angel Emiko within the recreation will increase the damage-dealing capability of her teammates.

Wind Class Character – Cedar

After I focus on the wind unit, Cedar is a must have in your staff. Her HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 9396, 928, and 22% of ATK respectively. Her energetic Final Debuff decreases all enemies’ ATK, DEF, and Crit Charge by 1% to five%.

Picture through Lunime

The passive ability of Cedar will increase the staff’s Max HP by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%. Her powers are fairly just like the hearth class unit Lammia Sparkles. Cedar helps whenever you need to have two final debuff models in your get together for boss fights.

Hearth Class Character – Lammia Sparkles

Lammia Sparkles is the top-tier character on the subject of the hearth models. Lammia has the Final Debuff energetic ability which is essential for countering any boss’s self-buffing means. She allows you to buff your get together whereas debuffing the enemy wave.

Picture through Lunime

Her ability decreases all enemies’ ATK, DEF, and Crit Charge by 1% to five%. The passive means of Lammia will increase the max HP of her staff by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%. Her HP is 6258, ATK is 924, and DEF is 25%. Therefore, Lammia is best suited for sturdy boss fights.

Mild Class Character – Mariposa

Mariposa is a compulsion in your get together in opposition to battles on the subject of the sunshine models. She has very excessive base well being making her the last word gentle unit for boss fights.

Picture through Lunime

Her HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 10407, 948, and 14% respectively. The energetic ability of Mariposa is the last word healer. It permits her to restore the misplaced HP of her teammates. Her passive ability additionally will increase the general HP for her get together.

Darkish Class Character – Carla

For the Darkish class unit, Carla is the last word go. I favor Carla due to her considerably increased base well being making her appropriate for boss fights. Her HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 4705, 2169, and 14% respectively.

Picture through Lunime

She refrains from being the glass cannon in contrast to Shizu, that’s, she makes use of her well being or defence to remain intact within the battle. Her energetic ability heals the HP of teammates whereas her passive abilities improve the injury they deal over the enemies. 

Corrupted Class Character – Corrupted Male Cry

Corrupted Male Cry is a unit extra highly effective than all of the models in Gacha Membership. They’ve a 100% stat enhance with a restrict break is 20. His HP equals 3780, ATK is 1407, and DEF is 40% of ATK.

Picture through Lunime

His energetic ability, Energy Strike, is able to wiping out a complete wave of enemies. The DMG dealt can attain from 1.2x as much as 3x of their assault energy. His assaults are very efficient in opposition to tons of of shadow enemies in addition to shadow bosses.

DJ Class Character – DJ Kat

Essentially the most highly effective DJ unit for Gacha Membership is most positively DJ Kat. This DJ has excessive major stats enabling her to have a balanced efficiency in battles.

Picture through Lunime

Her HP equals 4688, ATK quantities to 813, and DEF equals 13% of ATK. The last word energetic ability for DJ Kat is growing the buff defence for her by 15 in opposition to high-value opponents. Her passive ability additionally raises the primary DEF for her teammates in battles.

Shadow Class Character – Shadow Merupo

Essentially the most highly effective unit for the Shadow class is Shadow Merupo. She has the Final Buff energetic means. She will increase the staff’s ATK, DEF, and Crit Charge by 1%-5% relying on the extent she’s on.

Gacha Club Character - Shadow Merupo
Picture through Lunime

Her energy offers essentially the most injury in her class however has above-average HP. The HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 4620, 1470, and 10%  respectively. Therefore, she is a superb choose in opposition to low to medium-damage bosses. 

Ultimate Ideas

Gacha Membership is an attention-grabbing and enjoyable dress-up recreation. The sport lets you type a personality out of your creativity. The opposite options embrace gacha, models, and others. Right here, they play an essential half in getting you the highly effective characters in your get together. The chibis with their particular person elemental contact, are set to devour each enemy that stands of their method of victory. Subsequently, to study concerning the topmost ones on this recreation, you’ll be able to fall again to this Gacha Membership character tier record I’ve created after taking part in for tons of of hours.

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