Genshin Influence 4.3 Spiral Abyss: Clear Ground 11

Genshin Influence Model 4.3 replace has introduced a brand new set of enemies for each Ground 11 within the Spiral Abyss. Since these are the topmost flooring of the Abyss, guarantee that you’ve got items which might be a minimum of sufficiently constructed for the groups they’re in. On this information, we are going to clarify the brand new modifications within the present Spiral Abyss, the best way to clear them within the present Genshin Influence 4.3 patch replace, and probably the most optimum groups that can be utilized.

Genshin Influence 4.3 Replace Spiral Abyss Information: clear Ground 11

Ley Line Problems: All characters within the occasion achieve a 60% Electro DMG Bonus. All occasion members obtain a 60% Hydro DMG Bonus.

Chamber 1

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First Half

  • All through all 4 waves, each enemy will direct their assault in direction of the monolith. Regardless of their unique give attention to the monolith, this stage proves to be comparatively easy. The manageable side arises from the truth that solely 3 Slimes materialize in every wave, partaking in self-replication and forming a protecting perimeter across the monolith. On this case, it’s a necessity to make use of an Anemo Crowd Management (CC) character to collect them. Merely method the monolith in every wave and dispatch any Slimes that draw close to.
  • It’s essential to needless to say when going through Massive Pyro Slimes, it’s extremely really helpful to provoke elemental reactions to extinguish their Ignited state. Defeating the Pyro Slimes whereas they’re nonetheless ignited triggers an explosive response, inflicting harm to the monolith.

Second Half

  • Within the preliminary wave, the monolith faces an assault solely from Hydro Mallard. Upon initiating the problem, method the Mallard and swiftly eradicate it earlier than distancing your self from the monolith to attract the eye of the Specters. It’s essential to keep away from their explosions upon defeat, as these explosions could cause harm to the monolith.
  • Contrarily, within the second wave, the dynamics shift. The Hydro Crane directs its assaults towards you, whereas the 2 Anemo Specters give attention to the monolith. Prioritize defeating them individually, beginning with the Hydro Crane, adopted by Anemo Specter 1, and at last Anemo Specter 2.
  • Within the third wave, all adversaries converge on the monolith. In case you chorus from initiating assaults (to set off aggro), the boars sometimes start by headbutting the monolith, gathering close to it inside seconds. Alternatively, if this doesn’t happen, dispatch the boar closest to you, leveraging the benefit of their Hydro affinity to set off prompt elemental reactions.

Chamber 2

Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 11
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First Half

  • Within the preliminary wave, all three enemies emerge within the entrance space, positioned intently to one another. Notably, every creature is provided with its elemental protect, making it advantageous to have both Anemo for Swirling these parts or Geo for Crystallizing them. Ideally, the latter choice is extra favorable, permitting you to learn from the blessing buff.
  • Transferring on to the second wave, two Damage Graders additionally spawn within the entrance space. The Damage Grader possesses two weak factors – the cores on its head and toes. Hanging considered one of these uncovered weak factors will disrupt the Damage Grader’s ongoing assault, whereas efficiently damaging the second weak level will briefly immobilize the Damage Grader for a number of seconds.
  • The choice to focus on the weak factors will depend on your circumstances. If time is ample, it’s advisable to try paralyzing the Damage Grader for a smoother encounter with varied threats. Make the most of a Bow character’s aimed shot for enhanced accuracy and an elevated chance of hitting the cores. Nonetheless, if time is restricted, choosing a extra direct and forceful method is the higher technique.

Second Half

  • Within the preliminary wave, two Hilichurl Rogues materialize close to one another. Happily, their proximity permits for an easy method, particularly in the event that they align in a straight line. Nonetheless, be cautious of their functionality to summon Hydro Slime.
  • These summoned Slimes to unleash bubbles that may ensnare you. Overcome this by defeating the Slime, which not solely incapacitates the Hilichurl Rogue but in addition applies Hydro to them.
  • Within the second wave, brace your self for the looks of two Damage Drakes. As they emerge, method both one, prompting the opposite Damage Drake to interact. At a sure level, this Damage Drake initiates a cost, indicated by two units swirling on prime of its physique, culminating within the dispersal of bombs into the air.
  • It’s extremely really helpful to focus on the glowing orange orbs on the head, the Damage Drake’s weak level, to induce paralysis. Failing to take action ends in the Damage Drake gaining a 40% Resistance to the aspect it has endured probably the most harm from because the graduation of the battle, identifiable by the colour of the bombs.

Chamber 3

Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 11
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First Half

  • This stage includes a single wave, with the looks of two Mekas within the entrance space. Each Mekas belong to the Pneuma-Sort class, and it takes two Ousia assaults to paralyze them (two assaults particularly for the Specialist Meka, not the lower-tier Meka).
  • Upon initiating the problem, you have got the flexibleness to method both Meka since each will pursue you in case you stray too far. Nonetheless, I like to recommend prioritizing the Annihilation Specialist Meka as it will possibly summon an Space Alert Mek, which is able to vanish upon the demise of the Annihilation Meka.
  • The Annihilation Specialist inflicts Electro harm, whereas the Building Meka offers Pyro harm, resulting in Overload reactions. Put together your characters accordingly, particularly in case you lack shields or proficiency in evasion, as these assaults could propel your characters away.

Second Half

  • The final and last wave options the formidable Jadeplume Terrorshroom. To kick off the problem, place your self inside Jadeplume’s assault vary, notably in case you’ve introduced a melee DPS, as most of its assaults are short-ranged and will be dodged to evade harm. Alternatively, when you have a shielder or healer, a extra aggressive method via brute power assaults can hasten the confrontation with Jadeplume.
  • Jadeplume exists in three distinct states: Regular, Activated, and Scorched. The Regular state is the default kind you initially deal with. The Activated state happens when the Fury bar beneath Jadeplume’s HP fills on account of Electro assaults out of your character. On this state, Jadeplume adopts completely different assault modes however ultimately succumbs to exhaustion, experiencing a 15-second paralysis.
  • The Scorched state is induced when the Jadeplume is subjected to Burning (Dendro + Pyro). Whereas not overly problematic, this state triggers a talent that summons a most of 4 Fungi, doubtlessly inflicting a time setback within the problem.
  • Each states have their deserves, permitting you to decide on the one which fits your staff greatest. When going through the Activated state, train precision in avoiding Jadeplume’s formidable assaults, as they pack a major punch. As a substitute, watch for the second it turns into paralyzed earlier than unleashing a barrage of assaults.
  • For the Scorched state and the potential Fungi spores, you’ll be able to thwart their emergence by obliterating them inside 3 seconds utilizing Electro, Hydro, or Pyro elemental assaults. Any of those talked about elemental AoE assaults show efficient on this state of affairs.

Optimum Staff Comps to make use of on Ground 11 in Genshin Influence 4.3 Replace Spiral Abyss

In Chamber 1, Leyline Monolith levels are current, however the enemies spawn close by, making them simple to collect. If desired, you’ll be able to incorporate an Anemo Crowd Management (CC) character into any of the groups, although it’s non-compulsory as their presence shouldn’t be essential. You probably have just one Anemo CC character and select to incorporate them, it’s advisable to take action within the 1st Half, as extra enemies will be gathered with Anemo CC within the 1st Half in comparison with the 2nd Half. Needless to say in case you plan to make use of a Bloom staff, the explosion from the Dendro Cores will even inflict harm and cut back the Monolith’s HP.

The really helpful aspect for the First Half is Geo. Chambers 1 and a pair of characteristic quite a few elemental enemies like Slimes and enemies with elemental shields equivalent to Sternshield Crabs. Triggering Crystallize is well achievable, permitting you to achieve the buff from the leylines. Moreover, as there are Pneuma-type Meka enemies within the final Chamber, having an Ousia character to paralyze them with the Arkhe assault is advantageous.

For the Second Half, it’s not advisable to deliver Hydro or Bodily DPS because of the presence of Hydro Mimics and Damage enemies. Hydro Mimics are proof against Hydro and Damage enemies and exhibit excessive resistance in opposition to Bodily assaults. Nonetheless, if you’re assured in your DPS capabilities, you’ll be able to deliver them. Other than Hydro and Bodily, all different parts are appropriate for this stage, permitting for flexibility in staff composition with nearly any current staff composition in Genshin Influence.

F2P Staff Advice

Spiral Abyss 4.3 Floor 11 F2P Team
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Superior Staff Advice

Spiral Abyss 4.3 Floor 11 Advanced Team
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That’s how one can clear the Spiral Abyss Ground 11 within the Genshin Influence 4.3 replace!

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