Genshin Influence: Elemental Reactions Defined and Ranked

Elemental reactions play an necessary function in Genshin Influence. Every character within the recreation is linked to one in all seven parts: Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Hydro, Anemo, and Geo. Having characters with completely different parts lets you combine and match their talents when placing collectively a staff. This combo not solely will increase your staff’s harm however can also be important for overcoming the sport’s most tough challenges.

Full Checklist of Elemental Reactions in Genshin Influence

Elemental Combo Reactions
Pyro + Hydro Vaporize
Pyro + Soften Soften
Pyro + Electro Overloaded
Electro + Cryo Superconduct
Electro + Hydro Electro-Charged
Cryo + Hydro Freeze
Cryo + Hydro + (Claymore or Geo) Shatter
Anemo + (Pyro, Electro, Cryo, or Hydro) Swirl
Geo + (Pyro, Electro, Cryo, or Hydro) Crystallize
Dendro + Electro Quicken, Unfold, Worsen
Dendro + Hydro Bloom
Dendro + Hydro + Electro Hyperbloom
Dendro + Hydro + Pyro Burgeon
Dendro + Pyro Burning
Dendro + Hydro (Nilou unique) Bountiful Cores

Rating the Finest Elemental Reactions in Genshin Influence

The next is a listing of various Elemental Reactions, ranked from greatest to worst:

1. Swirl

In Genshin Influence, Swirl reactions happen when Anemo interacts with Pyro, Electro, Cryo, or Hydro parts. This interplay not solely spreads elemental results however can also be extraordinarily efficient at breaking down elemental shields.

Swirl Response

This response is universally praised for its utility, and it’s particularly helpful for crowd management, making it a flexible technique in quite a lot of in-game eventualities. Its accessibility and practicality add to its attraction, making it appropriate for each free-to-play gamers and whales.

2. Hyperbloom

Hyperbloom is a strong elemental response that happens when Electro reacts with a Dendro core, which is created by the interplay of Dendro and Hydro parts. This distinctive fusion of parts produces spectacular Elemental Reactions with a excessive harm per second (DPS) ceiling, making it a viable possibility for fight eventualities.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
HyperBloom Response

Hyperbloom is a outstanding user-friendly elemental response that requires no high-quality artifacts, inserting it strongly among the many top-tier choices for free-to-play gamers in search of an environment friendly and accessible elemental response.

3. Vaporize

Ahead Vaporize happens if you hit an enemy with Hydro first, adopted by Pyro. This combo will increase your harm by 2X. This will sound cool, however for free-to-play gamers, pulling off this transfer might be tough and requires some advanced methods to unleash the complete potential of this response.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
Vaporize Response

Then again, there’s Reverse Vaporize. This occurs if you use Pyro on an enemy after which comply with up with Hydro, leading to a 1.5X harm multiplier. The excellent news for free-to-play gamers is that this technique is less complicated to implement. Reverse Vaporize might be reliably carried out by common characters akin to Chongyun and Xingqiu, making it an accessible and efficient technique for free-to-play gamers.

4. Freeze

The Freeze response happens in Genshin Influence because of the interplay of Cryo and Hydro parts. This freezing impact is formidable and comparatively simple to maintain, making it an efficient battle tactic. Characters like Ayaka and Ganyu profit essentially the most from this mechanic, as they will use their Cryo talents to successfully freeze enemies.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
Freeze Response

Moreover, the synergy with the Blizzard Strayer artifact set will increase the effectiveness of freezing ways, rising harm output and contributing to those characters’ damaged however efficient playstyle.

5. Bountiful Cores

Nilou‘s package features a particular response generally known as Bountiful Cores, a singular response that distinguishes her. This one-of-a-kind response, which requires the collaboration of Dendro and Hydro characters, has a remarkably low funding requirement.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
Bountiful Cores Response

It stands out as a damaged response for free-to-play gamers, elevating Nilou and Bountiful Cores’ reactions to the highest tier of choices.

6. Burgeon

The highly effective Burgeon response is activated when the Pyro aspect interacts with a Dendro core. The interplay of the Dendro and Hydro parts leads to the Dendro core. This mixture is very efficient towards a number of targets, which reveals its skill to cope with crowds.

Burgeon Response

Nonetheless, regardless of its effectiveness, utilizing Burgeon has some limitations, significantly when it comes to staff composition. Whereas it stands out as a damaged response for free-to-play gamers and is thought to be a high-tier possibility for them, it’s thought to be a low-tier possibility for whales as a result of entry to higher choices.

7. Quicken, Unfold, Worsen

Quicken, Unfold, and Worsen are reactions in Genshin Influence which might be linked to a set of reactions involving the Dendro aspect. When the Electro aspect reacts with the Dendro aspect, quickening happens. Unfold and Worsen are each variations of Quicken. You’ll want good artifacts to maximise the harm of those reactions.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
Worsen, Quicken, and Unfold Response

These reactions are sensible and straightforward to make use of, making them helpful for each free-to-play gamers and whales. Total, these reactions are thought of respectable, which means they’re fairly efficient and helpful.

8. Soften

Ahead Soften and Reverse Soften are two cool reactions in Genshin Influence. Ahead Soften happens if you hit an enemy with Pyro after freezing them with Cryo and obtain a large 2X harm bonus. Nonetheless, the restricted choices for cryo nukes make it tough for F2P gamers.

Soften Response

The alternative is Reverse Soften. You get an excellent 1.5X harm bonus if you hit an enemy with a Cryo aspect after burning them with Pyro. This technique is generally utilized by F2P gamers, and Ganyu is superb at using it. For those who’re a whale, each Ahead and Reverse Soften are implausible methods. Ayaka, particularly when upgraded to constellation 2, is able to performing a number of melts in a single assault spherical.

9. Bloom

Bloom is like a simplified model of an Overload response. When the weather Dendro and Hydro react, the bloom response happens. It’s easy to arrange and use.

Bloom Response

Whenever you use Bloom, it offers respectable harm with out launching and scattering enemies. It’s a helpful skill that’s thought of respectable, making it a superb alternative for free-to-play gamers.

10. Electro-Charged

When Hydro and Electro parts mix, an Electro-Charged response happens. This interplay opens up some fascinating potentialities, akin to the power to create double swirls and reverse vaporize reactions.

Electro-Charged Response

It’s simple to make use of and enhances many different parts, making it versatile. This response applies to everybody, whether or not you’re a free-to-play participant or a whale.

11. Burning

When the Pyro aspect interacts with the Dendro aspect, a Burning response happens. It doesn’t do lots of harm, and it could happen alongside different reactions with out inflicting any issues. This makes it a viable possibility for free-to-play gamers, however it ranks decrease when it comes to choices.

Burning Response

Burning in setups with Ganyu and the Soften response turns into helpful for whale gamers. This improves Burning Response, offering extra strategic choices for these with a bigger funding within the recreation.

12. Superconduct

When two parts, Electro and Cryo, come collectively, a Superconduct response happens. This response doesn’t trigger widespread harm, however it does have some results. It offers minor harm to enemies whereas additionally decreasing their bodily resistance by 40%.

Superconduct Response

Though it isn’t a very highly effective assault by itself, it turns into extraordinarily helpful when mixed with Eula, because it will increase her skill to deal extraordinarily excessive harm, breaking battle information.

13. Overloaded

Overloaded response happens when the Pyro and Electro parts mix. This offers some harm, however the primary situation is that it scatters enemies, making steady harm per second (DPS) harder.

Overloaded Response

Whale gamers not often use this mixture as a result of it’s inconvenient and much less efficient than different methods. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless a viable possibility for free-to-play gamers.

14. Crystalize

When a Geo aspect reacts with parts akin to Pyro, Electro, Cryo, or Hydro, a Crystallize response happens in Genshin Influence. When this occurs, shields type, however they don’t seem to be very sturdy and might be unreliable.

Genshin Impact Elemental Reactions
Crystallize Response

Though they don’t seem to be the very best shields, they are often helpful for combining with different Geo parts or for Geo Resonance with out the necessity for a specialised defend consumer.

15. Shatter

To make Shatter work, merely hit an enemy who’s frozen as a result of Cryo aspect reacting with the Hydro aspect with a strong assault. Shatter will take away the frozen standing impact from enemies and deal harm based mostly in your character’s Elemental Mastery, so if in case you have a excessive Elemental Mastery, will probably be extra highly effective.

Shatter Response

Shatter is an incredible response, broadly thought to be probably the greatest for coping with tough conditions within the recreation, however when in comparison with different reactions, it falls far brief.

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