Kemono Buddies: Kingdom Character Tier Record for August 2023

Kemono Buddies: Kingdom is an journey RPG recreation developed by Neocraft Restricted primarily based on the options of real-life animals. These characters are one of the important components of the Kemono Kingdom and thus, the gamers should know concerning the attributes of various characters exactly. This info will assist the gamers in forming probably the most environment friendly group of Buddies and win in opposition to the Ceruleans strategically. Due to this fact, not losing any additional time, allow us to dive into this detailed character tier record and get to find out about all of the characters and their rankings in Kemono Buddies: Kingdom.

Kemono Buddies: Kingdom Character Tier Record for August 2023

The characters in Kemono Buddies are categorized into 4 main tiers particularly: S, A, B, and C.

Tier Management Guard Heal Assist Assault
Sturdy (S) Shoebill Moose,
Big Panda,
Suri Alpaca,
Widespread Raccoon
Emperor Penguin,
Silver Fox,
Panther Chameleon
Ezo Crimson Fox,
Fennec, Lion,
Rockhopper Penguin,
White Rhinoceros,
Crested Ibis
Good (A) Sand Cat, Jaguar Black Rhinoceros,
Gentoo Penguin
Royal Penguin
King Cobra,
Eurasian Eagle-Owl,
Weasel, Scarlet Macaw, Reticulated Giraffe,
Northern White-Confronted Owl,
Common (B) American Beaver African Elephant,
Saltwater Crocodile
Blue Whale, Axolotl Stoat, Grey Wolf,
Humboldt Penguin,
Widespread Dolphin,
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
Arabian Oryx,
Asian Black Bear,
Honest (C) Crimson Junglefowl,
Arctic Wolf
Bactrian Camel,
Plains Zebra  Peacock

Guard Class Character – Moose

Guard Class Characters are those who take up huge injury, by enhancing different group members’ DEF. They’re specifically designed to counter the BOSS exhibiting Warning Ability. Moose is titled the perfect 6-star Guard-Class Character within the Kingdom of Kemono Buddies, belonging to the Marvel faction. Usually, it offers PDMG equal to 100% PATK however when the Kemono Miracle known as Showdown Time is activated, Moose wields her horns as weapons, dealing PDMG equal to 362% PATK to an enemy unit.

Picture through Neocraft Restricted

Moose kinds a COMBO with Lion which permits the opposite group members to realize an ATK enhance for 3 rounds. The Moose additionally instills three highly effective Habits particularly Defend of Energy, Forest Justice, and Guardian’s Dedication which permits her to offer a Defend enhance equal to 60% to all of the group members and tank the injury for them when they’re all about to drop out of fight after taking injury.

Heal Class Character – Big Panda

Heal Class Characters are those who’ve the flexibility to restore the HP of the group members on the battlefield. They can not assault enemies whereas activating their therapeutic energy. Big Panda is the best 6-star asset on the subject of the Therapeutic-Class Characters within the Kemono Kingdom, belonging to the Brilliance faction.

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It offers SDMG equal to 100% SATK to an enemy unit. When the Kemono Miracle of Big Panda is activated, it heals all of the group members in fight for 344% SATK and summons 3 Bamboo Shoots that assist in destroying the Cerulean.

Big Panda kinds a COMBO impact with Jaguar to extend all Buddies’ ATK by 11% for 7 rounds. Other than these potentials, Big Panda has three Habits particularly Nap Time, All You Can Eat, and Rise, Bamboo Shoots which supplies +65% therapeutic whereas eradicating 3 debuffs from Buddies in a struggle.

Assist Class Character – Emperor Penguin

Assist-Class Characters improve the general ATK of their group throughout a struggle and help the assault-class characters in destroying the Ceruleans throughout a struggle. Emperor Penguin is taken into account as the perfect 6-star Assist-Class Character within the Kingdom, belonging to the Marvel faction and offers SDMG equal to 100% SATK to an enemy unit.

Kemono Friends: Kingdom Tier List
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When the Miracle of Emperor Penguin known as Imperial Stage is activated, she stands within the highlight granting the subsequent group member +1832 Miracle ATK. Emperor Penguin kinds COMBO with different Penguin Buddies, which will increase the ATK of different members by 16% for 7 rounds. The three highly effective Habits embody Dramatic Impact, Invigorating Dance, and Inspiring Anthem which will increase the PATK effectiveness by 37% and evokes different members in a struggle, rising their ATK by 56% for two rounds.

Assault Class Character – Serval

Assault-Class Characters, underneath the impact of COMBO and support-class characters, can deal a big quantity of injury to a single goal. Just a few 6-star characters on this class can even impair nice injury to a number of targets. Serval is taken into account the perfect 6-star Assault-Class Character within the Kemono Kingdom. It belongs to the Splendor faction with an HP rating of 981 together with an total SATK rating of 73. The Kemono Miracle of Serval known as Searching Recreation Begins through which Serval leaps and assaults the prey with a kitty punch, dealing PDMG equal to 230% PATK to an enemy.

Picture through Neocraft Restricted

Serval kinds a COMBO with Hippopotamus to extend all Buddies’ ATK by 7% for 7 rounds. Other than these, Serval has three highly effective Habits particularly Troublemaker, Share the Pleasure, and The Pleasure of Friendship that make the Catapult ATK more practical by 18% and achieve +190% ATK every time a group member hits the core, enhancing the injury dealt to the Ceruleans with a terrific margin.

Management Class Character – Shoebill

Management-Class Characters are those who weaken the assaults of Ceruleans and decrease their protection, additionally impairing their total attributes and offering a bonus to the opposite group members. Shoebill is probably the most highly effective 6-star Management-Class Character in Kemono Buddies, belonging to the Splendor faction.

Kemono Friends: Kingdom Tier List
Picture through Neocraft Restricted

Shoebill guards the Jungle Citadel from intruders which could usually make her look stern. When her Kemono Miracle impact will get activated, she shoots daggers together with her eager eyes that lower the essential DEF and management different attributes of the Ceruleans, thus proving to be a robust asset for the group throughout fight.

Last Ideas

Kemono Buddies is without doubt one of the greatest journey RPG video games that’s continuously growing among the many viewers. The builders present the gamers with a large assortment of characters to select from. Thus, undergo this detailed character tier record to pick the simplest characters with distinctive skills and combos, and set up the strongest group to take care of peace over the Kemono Kingdom.

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