Order & Chaos: Guardians Staff Composition Information

Dive into the MMORPG world of Order & Chaos: Guardians, delivered to life by Exptional International. Assemble a formidable group to beat challenges and enemies. Crafting an efficient group composition is crucial for achievement in battles and development by means of the sport. On this Order & Chaos: Guardians Staff Composition Information, we’ll discover the important thing parts of group composition and provide insights that can assist you construct a robust and synergistic lineup.

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How group position works in Order & Chaos: Guardians

In Order & Chaos: Guardians, every hero’s class determines their position in battle, influencing their place on the battlefield and their main capabilities. Right here’s how the completely different lessons work:

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Blood Knights

These heroes function tanks, absorbing harm and defending the group. They excel within the entrance line resulting from their excessive well being factors (HP) and talent to scale back incoming harm. Whereas they’ve lower assault (ATK) and protection (DEF) stats, their precedence is to interact enemies straight and take in harm for his or her allies.


Much like Blood Knights, Warriors additionally function as frontline melee fighters however with increased assault energy. They prioritize attacking enemies swiftly and have talents that improve their survivability, similar to elevated dodge charges and HP restoration after dodging. Warriors boast excessive ATK and HP stats, making them formidable harm sellers on the entrance strains.


These heroes are ranged attackers, specializing in dealing excessive harm from a distance. Whereas they’ve decrease HP than melee heroes, their superior harm output compensates for his or her vulnerability. Rangers prioritize focusing on enemies from afar and have excessive ATK stats, making them important harm sellers in battles.


Mages are additionally ranged heroes however give attention to coping with magical harm and offering assist by means of therapeutic talents. They aim enemies with their spells and have average ATK speeds. Moreover, their primary assaults inflict further harm on the goal, making them versatile belongings in battles.


Monks are ranged heroes that function buffers and debuffers in battles. They prioritize supporting their allies by enhancing their talents and weakening enemies. Whereas they’ve common ATK and HP stats, their therapeutic talents make them invaluable belongings for sustaining the group’s well being throughout extended fights.

Facion Counters

Faction counters in Order & Chaos: Guardians add an additional layer of technique to group compositions and battles. Understanding the factional relationships helps in creating efficient lineups and countering opponents. Right here’s a breakdown of faction counters:

  • Defiant > Nature Keepers > Sentinel > Defiant: This round relationship types a faction counter cycle. Defiant heroes are sturdy towards Nature Keepers, Nature Keepers have a bonus over Sentinels, and Sentinels, in flip, counter Defiant heroes.
  • Mild vs. Darkish: The Mild and Darkish factions counter one another straight. This implies Mild heroes have benefits over Darkish heroes, and vice versa.

Examples of Staff Composition in Order & Chaos: Guardians

1. Balanced Staff

Blood Knight, Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Monk

Order & Chaos Guardians Lineup
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A balanced group is essential for achievement. Place the robust Blood Knight and Warrior on the entrance to take hits. Then, place the Ranger, and Mage for harm. Lastly, the Monk helps with buffs and debuffs. This combine ensures your group can deal with completely different challenges successfully.

2. Excessive Harm Staff

2 Ranger, Monk, Warrior, and Mage

Order & Chaos Guardians Lineup
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For a high-damage method in Order & Chaos: Guardians, assemble a potent group. Place the Ranger within the again row for optimum harm output, whereas the Mage and Monk present ranged assaults and therapeutic. Strategically place the Warrior to ship highly effective assaults. This setup focuses on dealing important harm to swiftly overcome opponents.

3. Therapeutic Staff

Monk, 2 Warrior, and a pair of Mage

Create a Therapeutic Staff for a resilient technique. Place the Monk strategically to buff allies, debuff enemies, and supply therapeutic. Make the most of the Warrior with a excessive assault and dodge fee to boost survivability.

Order & Chaos Guardians Lineup
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Place the Mage for ranged assaults and extra therapeutic, making certain a balanced mixture of offense and protection. This composition focuses on evading enemy assaults and sustaining sustained well being by means of therapeutic talents.

Closing Ideas

Within the dynamic world of Order & Chaos: Guardians, mastering group composition is a key facet of your journey. Whether or not you go for a balanced group or a high-damage lineup, understanding your heroes’ roles and synergies is essential. Experiment with completely different compositions, adapt to challenges, and forge a group that fits your playstyle. With strategic positioning and a considerate method, you’ll lead your heroes to victory within the enchanting realm of Arkland.

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