Pokémon Go Drampa Raid: Greatest Moveset, Counters and Suggestions

Drampa is a Tier 3 Raid Boss in Pokémon Go. It’s a serpentine dragon-like Pokémon that’s bluish-green. It additionally has three spots on its aspect that are pale inexperienced together with eyes with out pupils that are pink with yellow eyebrows on prime. You gained’t have a lot bother combating towards Drampa so long as you’ve got the proper counters with your self. So on this Pokémon Go information, we’re going to discuss the perfect methods and counters utilizing which you’ll have the ability to defeat Drampa within the easiest method doable.

Drampa in Pokémon Go

Drampa is a dual-type Regular and Dragon Pokémon with a most CP of 3294 at stage 50. It’s weak in the direction of Dragon, Fairy, Combating, and Ice-type assaults. If you’re a high-level coach with the perfect counters in your staff, it is possible for you to to struggle towards Drampa all by your self. However if you’re a low-level participant or don’t have excellent counters, a staff of two or extra trainers will nonetheless have the ability to defeat Drampa simply underneath all situations.

Drampa Moveset

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The perfect strikes from the moveset of Drampa are Dragon Breath and Outrage. Each of them have a mixed DPS of 48.2. It’s also the perfect mixture of strikes that can be utilized in each Pokémon Gyms and PvP battles. Different respectable assaults from its movepool embrace Extrasensory, Dragon Pulse, and Fly.

Greatest counters towards Drampa in Pokémon Go

Right here’s the checklist of the perfect counters that you need to use towards Drampa to win the battle towards it simply.

  • Rayquaza (Mega): Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Garchomp (Mega): Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Gardevoir (Mega): Appeal/Dazzling Gleam
  • Salamence (Mega): Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Terrakion: Double Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Latios (Mega): Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw
  • Groudon (Primal): Dragon Tail/Precipice Blades
  • Blaziken (Mega): Counter/Focus Blast
  • Keldeo: Low Kick/Sacred Sword
  • Latias (Mega): Dragon Breath/Outrage
  • Alakazam (Mega): Counter/Dazzling Gleam
  • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Lucario: Counter/Aura Sphere
  • Salamence: Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Dialga: Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor
  • Zekrom: Dragon Breath/Outrage
  • Garchomp: Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Kyurem: Dragon Breath/Glaciate
  • Haxorus: Dragon Tail/Breaking Swipe
  • Dragonite: Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Gyarados (Mega): Dragon Tail/Outrage
  • Darmanitan (Galarian): Ice Fang/Avalanche
  • Palkia: Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor
  • Baxcalibur: Dragon Breath/Avalanche
  • Xerneas: Geomancy/Moonblast
  • Conkeldurr: Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Sceptile (Mega): Fury Cutter/Dragon Claw
  • Diancie (Mega): Rock Throw/Moonblast
  • Reshiram: Dragon Breath/Draco Meteor
  • Togekiss: Appeal/Aura Sphere
  • Mamoswine: Powder Snow/Avalanche
  • Charizard (Mega X): Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw
  • Charizard (Mega Y): Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw
  • Latios: Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw
Pokémon Go Drampa counters
Picture by way of Niantic

Since Drampa is a reasonably simple opponent to struggle towards underneath all situations, you gained’t have any drawback defeating it so long as you employ the perfect counters you’ve got accessible from the checklist offered above.

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