Punishing: Grey Raven Rookies Information and Suggestions

Punishing Grey Raven is a fast-paced ultra-stylish hack and slash Motion RPG developed and printed by a Hong Kong-based firm Kuro Know-how Co Ltd. With the discharge in July, gamers can now obtain it through Google Play or App Retailer. On this Punishing Grey Raven novices information, gamers will study primary methods, suggestions, and tips to get began with the sport’s primary mechanics.

Getting Began

The Earth is conquered by a robotic military and warped by a biomechanical virus often called The Punishing ensuing within the extinction of humankind. The final survivors have escaped the orbit. After years of preparation, the Grey Raven Particular Forces unit leads the mission to reclaim their misplaced homeworld. On this complete mission, the participant is the chief who creates highly effective troopers and battles to reclaim their land.

On this recreation, the gamers will expertise options like:

  • Straight management the squad members in real-time 3D battles the place gamers can grasp every character’s particular strikes.
  • Discover the ruined world and take the battle in opposition to the Corrupted to harsh polar battlefields and even past Earth’s gravity in a regularly increasing cinematic story.
  • Discover gorgeous soundtrack from ambient, atmospheric tracks to pounding drum and bass. 

Punishing Grey Raven Rookies Information: Suggestions and Methods

1. Perceive the Constructs

In Punishing: Grey Raven, gamers must unlock many alternative characters, which is named constructs. The character’s predominant purpose is to obey orders and defeat opponents and have distinctive abilities, stats, types, and properties. Regardless of the distinction, they land into certainly one of these three classes:

Punishing Grey Raven constructs
  1. Attacker: A majority of these characters have enormous offensive potential and have the specialty to deal extra injury in a shorter time.
  2. Tank: A majority of these characters commerce within the offence for good survivability. They’re sturdy with the talents to soak up a lot injury with out falling.
  3. Assist: A majority of these characters are buffers and healers whose predominant goal is to assist their group.

These classes decide the function of the characters. Other than this, each character can take care of totally different elemental injury, equivalent to Bodily, Thunder, Hearth, and Darkish. For instance, 50 % Bodily and 50 % Hearth, which can decide the efficiency of the Assemble in fight. 

2. Know when to improve and kit characters

Now that gamers know concerning the Constructs, they need to take into account specializing in the numerous sources required to unleash their full potential. There are a number of methods to improve the characters on this recreation, which require particular sources relying on the kind of improve:

Upgrading and gearing characters
  • Improve: For levelling up their characters, gamers can use assemble Exp. pods within the part to stage them and improve their stats within the course of. 
  • Promote: Now that characters have fulfilled sure circumstances, gamers can now make investments sources to advertise them and improve their stats completely whereas including a white star to their rank per promotion.
  • Evolve: On this part, gamers can use character shards to evolve their characters completely whereas growing their rank and elevating their potential.
  • Ability: Gamers can use Cogs to commit their character’s talent factors to particular abilities, growing their effectiveness in fight. 

Other than these upgrades, gamers can present characters with reminiscences. These reminiscences can grant totally different bonuses, relying on the sort and the slot through which gamers equip them. Apart from reminiscences, characters additionally deal with totally different weapons, which additionally come in numerous varieties and qualities. Gamers must concentrate on these tricks to stop injury. 

3. Full all of the Quests and Missions

Each recreation has a path to comply with, equivalent to missions, duties, aims, quests, or extra. These quests present bonuses and rewards, which assist gamers to maneuver ahead within the recreation.

Punishing Gray Raven quests
Quests and missions

Rookie missions

It’s a 7-day occasion with a one-time restrict. Newbies with sufficient gear and sources can begin these missions and earn rewards to stage up their recreation.  

Mentor-Pupil system

The Mentor-student system is a good way by which gamers can enhance the facility of the heroes. Every time gamers select mentors, they routinely give an inventory of aims hooked up to this bond. After gamers full the mission, the scholars obtain rewards, and one of many rewards could be reminiscences as much as 5* in rarity.

These duties are divided into two classes:

  1. Stage Missions: If gamers stage as much as 45, they obtain six reminiscences and 5 weapons. There are different duties as effectively, equivalent to Warzone, Ache cage, guild-boss stage, Weekly bounty chests, and Pupil Missions. Gamers will solely obtain the reward in the event that they full the mission at one time. 
  2. Assignments: Gamers will obtain six weapons as much as attain stage 45. Different duties embody Reminiscence Rescue 10, Get an SSS character, One Hero liberation, Full Stronghold 3-3, Attain 1 million in ranges 80-120 Ache cage

Day by day missions

These missions seem every day, which embody Logging in every day, Spending stamina, Finishing co-op mode at the very least as soon as, Spending one black card, and Finishing Ache cage 3x.

Weekly missions

These missions seem each week, which embody Finishing Warzone 1-12x, Finishing Ache cage 1-12x, 200,000 factors in Ache Cage, 200,000 factors in Warzone, and Sparring with guild boss 3x.

Dorm missions

These missions embody Boss Mission on Chaos Issue (Ache Cage) and Upgrading Dorm Furnishings As soon as.


The love mechanic is for the gamers who need extra details about the heroes like voice traces, juicy secrets and techniques, and a bit extra about their affection story. Gamers should buy these items to extend their affection for the Heroines.


These warzone mechanics power gamers to exit for an journey throughout totally different weathers like Hearth, Lightning, and extra. Within the Warzone missions, gamers can do just one sort of climate mission throughout that day and different varieties of climate cycles on the subsequent day. In these Mechanics, gamers must undergo three phases

Gamers have to finish the straightforward activity of killing their opponents, which can result in slowly depleting their well being. The second and third rounds have the identical activity. As an alternative of bleeding, gamers must kill as many enemies in 2 minutes. Meaning the upper the variety of monsters gamers kill, the extra scores and rewards they are going to obtain.

Ache cage

Within the ache cage mechanics, gamers must combat with a bunch of three monsters every cycle. This mode will reward gamers with the quickest end and well being. 

4. Utilise the in-game Currencies effectively

Within the recreation there are three varieties of foreign money:

Premium Foreign money

Black playing cards are the premium foreign money in Punishing Grey Raven, which is used to summon all banners. On this recreation, each banner wants that foreign money, through which black playing cards are convertible. Gamers can inefficiently use this black card for a lot of functions like stamina.

In every month, there are two varieties that black playing cards participant can use

  • Free to play: Gamers will get 1210 black playing cards every week. In a month, they are going to get 4840 black playing cards by occasion, story, and compensation. 
  • Month-to-month playing cards: The month-to-month playing cards value 5 {dollars} per thirty days. The sport will present gamers with 365 black playing cards to buy the month-to-month card. It’ll additionally present an additional 100 black playing cards daily for the subsequent 30 days. If the participant will get the month-to-month card, their month-to-month complete will likely be 9000 black playing cards, which is greater than sufficient for any participant to get a hand on the brand new characters.

Learn how to purchase characters and weapons with the black playing cards

To purchase a brand new S-rank character, gamers want 15000 black playing cards. Meaning totally F2P gamers can get all these characters in the event that they play it properly. Moreover, there are A-rank and signature weapons as effectively, so use the black playing cards properly.

Pulling Foreign money

Pulling foreign money means the foreign money from which gamers can pull out the banners. These currencies could be distinguished as follows:

  • Self-Choose banners symbolize Blue playing cards
  • The Starter Weapon represents Purple playing cards
  • Rotational Banners symbolize Yellow playing cards
  • Occasion Banners are Usually yellow however occasion foreign money when relevant
  • The Compositor Banner represents Yellow playing cards
  • Each Banner represents Black playing cards.

Rainbow Foreign money

Rainbow Foreign money is similar because the premium foreign money, which gamers should buy by actual money. Gamers can use these rainbow playing cards to provide distinctive skins, results bundles, and different premium items. Gamers may also convert them into black playing cards to drag on some characters. 

Punishing Grey Raven information: Finest characters ranked

Punishing Gray Raven characters
Punishing Grey Raven characters

Finest characters in Punishing Grey Raven

The next are the overview of the most effective champions in Punishing Grey raven that ranks characters in these Tiers S tier(greatest), A Tier(good), B Tier(common), C Tier (not good).

Tier S (greatest)

  • Kamui Darkish Energon is a tank-type S Class character with an power coefficient of fifty% PHY, 50percentDark. His speciality is Blended Injury (In a position to inflict PHY and Elemental DMG), Kind (Swap: Signature transfer can change attacking types).
  • Liv La Paix is a support-type S Class character with an power coefficient of 100% PHY. His specialty is Heal (has ally therapeutic abilities), Members Injury Discount (Signature transfer can cut back the injury taken by allies)
  • Lee Random is an attacker-type S Class character with an power coefficient of 100% PHY. His speciality is Combo (simple to deal excessive combo DMG), PHY DMG (Ability combos are highly effective).
  • Karenina Ember is an attacker-type S Class character with an power coefficient of 30% PHY, 70% Hearth. Specialty in Melee (has sturdy space assault means), Blended DMG (capable of deal PHY and elemental DMG).
  • Nanami Pulse is a tank-type S Class character with an power coefficient of fifty% PHY, 50% Hearth. Speciality in Blended Injury (capable of deal PHY and elemental injury), Resistance Discount (capable of cut back major resistance of enemies).

Tier A (good)

  • Bianca Zero is an attacker-type A-Class character with an power coefficient of 100% PHY. Speciality in Duel (has sturdy single ATK means), Power Enhance (has a shorter cooldown time)
  • Karenina Blaster is an attacker-type A-Class character with an power coefficient of 80% PHY, 20% Hearth. Speciality in Blended Injury (capable of deal PHY and elemental DMG), Kind Swap (Signature transfer can change attacking types).
  • Watanabe Pulsatina is an attacker-type A-Class character with an power coefficient of 100% PHY. Speciality in Duel (has sturdy single assault means), Backstab (assaults the again deal further injury).
  • Lucia Daybreak is an attacker-type A-Class character with an power coefficient of 40% PHY, 60% Lightning. Speciality in Duel (has sturdy single assault means), Blended DMG (capable of deal PHY and elemental DMG).
  • Liv Lux is a support-type A-Class character with an power coefficient of 20% PHY, 80% Lightning. Speciality in HEAL (has therapeutic abilities), Blended DMG (capable of deal PHY and elemental DMG)

Punishing Grey Raven information: Suggestions and tips for the Banners

Punishing Grey Raven banners

Similar to different RPGs Punishing: Grey Raven recreation have a gacha system for gamers to drag their character’s identify as Banners.

How Banners work in Punishing Grey Raven

Within the recreation, gamers must spend at the very least 250 of the sport’s premium foreign money to drag from the banners. Right here banners are categorized for hero champions, weapons (purple playing cards), self-select (blue playing cards), occasion (yellow playing cards), composite (yellow playing cards), or some rotational objects (yellow playing cards). Banners even have a pity hit, which suggests if gamers haven’t pulled successful in XX pulls, the subsequent pull will likely be a assured hit for the participant. 

The next are the 6 various kinds of Banners

1. Beginner Banner

Gamers with the newly registered account may have the choice to switch the self-select banner with a beginner banner. Right here gamers get one ensures pity hit at a restrict of 40 pulls. After gamers use this pity hit, the beginner banner will vanish, and the self-select banner will take its place.

2. Banner Pity

In tools banners, the utmost quantity for the pity to activate is 30, and for pulling the hero, gamers want 80-100 pity ranges. Equally, for various banners, totally different pity ranges are required. For the compositor banner, the pity stage is 10, and for rotational banners, the pity stage is decrease, which is carried over to the subsequent banners. It occurs due to the Gacha system, which suggests the upper the restrict of the pity, the upper the speed of pulling a better rarity character. 

3. Common Banners

Common banners are the place gamers pull a brand new construction from the given 40 summons after ending the tutorial phases as a customary reward prevalent in Gacha video games. In different banners, A-rank or above building assured 10 makes an attempt, whereas S-rank constructs assured 60 makes an attempt. That is the best way to stimulate gamers to drag for a personality and get the featured Raven with the pity system on that banner.

4. S Rank Debut Banners

In these banners, gamers will solely get S rank banners which are debuting after the participant pulls the S rank unit. The minimal likelihood to drag out an A-rank unit is 1 per 10 pulls.

5. Rotating Banner

Rotation Banners can change their focus unit each two weeks with a 70 % likelihood of getting featured on the S rank pull. Gamers can select one of many two characters which are on the quilt of the banners. These banners may also have a non-starting listing of characters to present an opportunity to select up missed S-Ranks.

6. Centered Weapon Banner

The very best weapon rarity in Punishing Grey Raven is six stars. For the usual Banners, gamers can choose the weapon they wish to concentrate on with an 80 % likelihood of getting it. For the primary banners, gamers get 30 pulls, which suggests after 30 pulls, the gamers will get a 6-star weapon.

Punishing Grey Raven Information: Learn how to stage up quick to achieve stage 40

In Punishing: Grey Raven, gamers have to achieve stage 40 as quickly as potential to expertise the highly effective content material. Listed here are the steps that may make it simple for the gamers: 

1. Watch increasingly Tutorials

There are a whole lot of mechanics behind this recreation that gamers must study concerning the recreation like combating with the Alpha at first. It is without doubt one of the most tough fights designed for the participant to lose. So take the time and perceive the sport correctly to make the most of the sources. 

2. Choose the S-Tier class

S-tier class has the most effective characters that assist enhance the groups and recreation. For the beginner, it’s higher to focus extra on gaining S-tier class character and making that part of the group. 

3. Focus extra on gaining rewards

Doing every day rewards will help gamers get extra of the black playing cards, which can assist gamers unlock extra content material. The advantages are that gamers can get extra energy, reminiscences, stamina, and extra to reinforce the sport. 

To sum up, Punishing: Grey Raven is a wonderful 3D-action RPG recreation with a lot of thrilling options for avid gamers. Ranging from the Housing system (the Dorm), Affection, Guild system, mentor-student system, Gacha system, this recreation principally is dependent upon the Banner and provides many extra. It additionally takes gamers to discover the world the place expertise has taken over mankind.

That’s all for right this moment’s Punishing Grey Raven Rookies Information. Did you discover our Punishing Grey Raven novices information helpful? Do tell us within the feedback under!

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