Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Construct Information: Greatest Crew, Psychubes, and extra

With the launch of Model 1.3 in Reverse: 1999, the highlight is on the Kaalaa Baunaa banner, also called Black Dwarf. This replace brings a spread of options, optimizations, characters, and occasions, together with the time-limited Dwelling Apply occasion. Make the most of this Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Construct Information for efficient methods to construct and maximize the potential of Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) within the sport.

Discover the various eras, puzzle-solving, and fascinating battles inside the Reverse: 1999 universe. Discover key enhancements and occasions launched within the 1.3 replace, and make use of assets like tier lists, freshmen guides, reroll guides, and a forex information to raise your general gaming expertise.

Kaalaa Baunaa Playstyle in Reverse: 1999

Kaalaa Baunaa is a strong 6-star Carry in Reverse: 1999 belonging to the Mineral kind and stands out for her distinctive playstyle. She focuses on stacking buffs referred to as [Planet]s utilizing her expertise and Final. With “Enchanted Strike,” she accumulates layers of [Saturn] for elevated Penetration Fee, whereas “Legendary Meteors” grants her [Mars] stacks, offering Leech Fee.

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Her Final, Final Perfection,” consumes these [Planet]s, granting [Full Moon] to spice up Incantation Would possibly. At Perception 3, it additionally instantly recasts the corresponding talent for giant bursts of harm or therapeutic. Kaalaa Baunaa’s gameplay entails strategic decision-making, selecting between further injury or self-sustain, making her a singular Carry within the sport.

Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Character Perception Stage-up Materials

In Reverse: 1999, boosting your characters’ power is important, and upgrading their Perception Ranges performs a vital function. Kaalaa Baunaa, the highly effective 6-star DPS aligned with Mineral Affinity, positive factors substantial benefits with every Perception Stage, making her an much more potent ally in your crew. Let’s delve into the supplies required to degree up Kaalaa Baunaa’s Perception and the bonuses that accompany every stage.

Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Insight
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Perception I

When the [Planet] is eliminated, positive factors 1 of the next results primarily based on the kind of planet eliminated: [Saturn Divination], [Mars Divination], or [Full Moon Divination]. [Saturn Divination]: Penetration Fee +12% (stackable; spent after assault). [Mars Divination]: Leech Fee +12% (stackable; spent after assault). [Full Moon Divination]: Incantation Would possibly +12% (stackable; spent after casting incantation).

  • Sharpodonty x18000
  • Web page of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Magnesia Crystal x6
  • Tough Silver Ingot x5

Perception II

Vital Fee +10% when the caster enters battle.

  • Sharpodonty x40000
  • Scroll of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Esoteric Bones x6
  • Prophetic Hen x3

Perception II

After casting the Final, positive factors 1 impact primarily based on the [Planet] with the most important quantity eliminated. When eradicating 1/2/3 [Saturn]: instantly casts 1/2/3-star [Enchanted Strike] for a follow-up assault on the goal. When eradicating 1/2/3 [Mars]: instantly casts 1/2/3-star [Mythical Meteors] for a follow-up assault on the goal. When eradicating 1/2 [Full Moon]: the caster enters [Empower Incantation II] standing for 1/2 rounds.

  • Sharpodonty x200000
  • Tome of Mineral Wealth x6
  • Platinum Ouija x6
  • Golden Fleece x5

Greatest Psychubes for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse: 1999

In Model 1.3, Kaalaa Baunaa enjoys flexibility in choosing her Psychubes because of her concentrate on critical-centered talents. To optimize some great benefits of her expertise, it’s suggested to rigorously select the best choices accessible. Listed here are the beneficial Psychubes for Kaalaa Baunaa:

Reverse 1999 Luxurious Leisure
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Luxurious Leisure (Greatest 6-star Psychube)

Luxurious Leisure is a superb selection for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse: 1999. After casting a single-target Final, it boosts DMG Dealt by 5%, and this impact stacks as much as 3 instances. This Psychube synergizes effectively with Kaalaa Baunaa’s playstyle, enhancing her injury output over consecutive turns, particularly throughout extended battles the place stacking buffs develop into more and more worthwhile.

The Carat of the Coronary heart (Different 6-star Psychube)

The Carat of the Coronary heart is one other top-tier possibility for Kaalaa Baunaa. It gives a big enhance to Final Would possibly, with a potential enhance of 8% or 12%, relying on the Moxie gained throughout the spherical. Contemplating Kaalaa Baunaa’s reliance on her Final for important injury, this Psychube enhances her burst potential and strategic play, making it a worthwhile addition to her equipment.

Thunderous Applause (Different 6-star Psychube)

Thunderous Applause is a powerful selection for Kaalaa Baunaa, specializing in essential hits. With a Vital DMG enhance of 16% when a 1-target assault lands a essential hit, this Psychube amplifies the impression of her essential strikes. Given Kaalaa Baunaa‘s potential for prime essential charges, Thunderous Applause additional elevates her injury potential, making it a dependable possibility for these emphasizing essential hits of their construct.

Tomorrow Additionally (Different 5-star Psychube)

The Tomorrow Additionally psychube, proves to be a helpful Psychube for Kaalaa Baunaa. Offering a Vital Fee enhance of 10% when she casts an Final, this Psychube enhances her probabilities of touchdown essential hits persistently. Contemplating the significance of essential hits in Kaalaa Baunaa’s injury output, Tomorrow Additionally enhances her playstyle by growing the frequency of essential hits throughout Final casts.

Reverse: 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Greatest Crew


Pickles proves to be a superb companion for Kaalaa Baunaa in Reverse: 1999, providing versatility, important injury, and utility. Along with his passive means “Preposition,” Pickles positive factors moxie without cost each different spherical, making him AP-generous.

Reverse 1999 Pickles
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His final, “Thus Spoke Pickles,” not solely offers single-target injury but in addition boosts all allies’ injury by 30%, making him a perfect option to pair with numerous teammates, even these with excessive AP calls for. Moreover, Pickles’ “Hedonism Implement” talent can dispel buffs from enemies, including worthwhile utility to the crew.

An-an Lee

An-an Lee stands out as an distinctive help selection for Kaalaa Baunaa because of her versatility and highly effective buffing talents. Along with her passive alternating between Break Time and Exorcism Time, An-an Lee turns into a potent buffer throughout Break Time.

Reverse 1999 An an Lee
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She will apply buffs to the crew and rework right into a damage-dealing drive throughout [Exorcism Time]. Mastering the stream of her playstyle is essential, permitting her to persistently present sturdy buffs and deal bursts of harm when wanted.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy takes on the function of healer for Kaalaa Baunaa, bringing essential strike synergy to the crew. With talents like “Empty Gums” and Perception 1, Tooth Fairy inflicts debuffs that improve the crew’s crit fee and crit injury. Her final, “Tune for the Dangerous Tooth,” not solely gives constant therapeutic however may cleanse all debuffs from the crew if it lands a essential hit.

Reverse 1999 Tooth Fairy
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Whereas she could lack tankiness and face challenges with growing enemy Crit Res stats, Tooth Fairy excels in supporting crit-oriented characters like Kaalaa Baunaa, Lilya, Regulus, Melania, Centurion, and Jessica.

Last Ideas

In wrapping up the Kaalaa Baunaa Construct Information for Reverse: 1999, specializing in her critical-centered talents and versatile playstyle is vital. When choosing Psychubes, choices like Luxurious Leisure and The Carat of the Coronary heart improve her injury potential and Final efficiency. Pairing her with characters like Pickles for utility and An-an Lee for versatile buffs enhances Kaalaa Baunaa’s strengths.

Managing Perception ranges, particularly reaching Perception 3 for added talent recasts, boosts her effectiveness. Take into accout her AP-greedy nature and guarantee a well-balanced crew to maximise Kaalaa Baunaa’s potential. Experiment with totally different methods, adapting to her distinctive talent set, and unleash the ability of this formidable Mineral Afflatus DPS in your Reverse: 1999 adventures.

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