Study This Life-Saving Firestarting Trick From a Survival Skilled

Regardless of how frequent they’re, miniature firestarter rods could be hellaciously irritating to make use of. For those who’ve ever discovered your self scratching away at a match-sized stick of ferrocerium, and cursing its obvious futility, this video’s for you.

Each camper’s equipment ought to embrace some instrument that may begin a fireplace even within the dampest circumstances. Ferrocerium, or “ferro,” rods are the most well-liked possibility, and miniature ferro rods present up in most elementary survival kits.

Sadly, as survival knowledgeable Dan factors out, the smaller the ferro rod, the tougher it’s to begin a fireplace — except you employ this useful tip from the bushcraftsman himself.

On this temporary explainer, Dan exhibits a near-foolproof hearth beginning technique utilizing a mini ferro rod and a pocket knife.

Able to study why ferro rod dimension doesn’t actually matter? Park it and hit play.

Runtime: 7 minutes

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